Week without Dada – Day 4

Wow this week has been going really slow! This morning Tyler didn’t want to get out of bed at 7.20am. I knew he’d be tired, because he woke at 3am. He’d suddenly switched the light on and said “Come on mummy, I need the loo” –  I was glad he woke to go to the loo, but then he wanted a glass of milk and then he wanted to read his books and play with his toys. Agh!

Today is a work day, so I have to drive Tyler to my parents so my mum can take him to pre-school at 9am, and I make my way to work in Kentish Town. So I had to get Tyler out of bed! I said he could bring his cushion with him. He loves this cushion, so that’s how we started the morning.


Work was work, not even going to write about it. It was weird not emailing my husband like we usually do.

I got back to my parents at about 7pm, where my mum was watching someone’s wedding live on her phone, while Tyler was sitting in a box watching TV. It was the wedding of my cousin’s neighbour in Bangladesh, and my cousin was holding his phone up so my mum could watch the video through Viber! The magic of technology!


Tyler’s been extra caring/clingy with me since it’s been just me and him. Today I’m eating my dinner, when he holds my glass of apple juice to my mouth saying “Drink it” I think he thinks he has to take care of me!

At work, we have a Secret Santa on Friday, and I bought my present yesterday. Today we were told to wrap our pressies in newspaper so you couldn’t guess who gave it by the wrapping paper. So that’s what I just did.


That brings me to now. My hubby has just texted me that they are having their Christmas lunch and it’s huge – 200 tables of 10. What a big company.

Gonna get Tyler in his pjs now. I want him asleep so I can watch the Apprentice.

Sabrina x


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