Why we think Legoland is Awesome

“Can we go Legoland now? Can we go Legoland now?”

Ever since I took Tyler to Legoland Windsor last year, he has been asking to go back every week without fail! As you might have gathered by now, Tyler is a bit of a train enthusiast. And you may think Legoland is just about rides and lego – no, it’s not! It’s perfect for the little train enthusiasts out there. Here’s why Tyler loves it at Legoland.

5 Awesome Legoland Trains

1) On entering you have the Hill Train ride down into the main resort. All the kiddies find this very exciting.

2) Then you have the ‘Heartlake City Express‘ – don’t be put off that this is in the pink girly bit, the train is green. It’s in the shape of a steam train with loads of carriages, and the ride takes you on a roundtrip. Beware, don’t sit in the first row, you will get splashed with water! We went on this ride many times. And even when we weren’t on it, Tyler still wanted to watch it from the bridge.


3) Knights Quest in Knight’s Kingdom is like a mini-rollercoaster for little kids. It goes round in a circle and we first took Tyler on it when he was 2. He loved it, although mummy did feel sick – bleurgh!

4) Then there’s the Duplo Train in Duplo Land which is a more gentle train ride, even really young toddlers can go on it. It’s super cute, we went on this a few times too.

5) And finally I’m saving the best for last – it’s the infamous Miniland. This is actually the main reason Tyler want to go back, in fact I would say he wants to live here forever! He sat here for an hour when we visited in October 2015, watching this yellow train goes around the track, until Legoland closed that day. Luckily there is a well-placed bench here, so I could sit while he got his fix.


This is from the first time we took Tyler to Legoland in July 2014, just as he was a fledgling train expert – he was quite fascinated at age 2.


The obsession with Miniland did not start here though. Amazingly it’s 20 years this year since Legoland Windsor was built, and it was in 2000 when I first visited with my family. Here I am aged 21 – I was so skinny, wah!


I had a thing about shops, so took this photo in 2000 because of the Lego Argos truck.


I had no idea that 15 years later, my own son would be in love with this place. Here he is looking at the exact same spot – freaky!


Awesome – Kids can Drive Here!

When someone says Legoland to you, what is the first thing you think of? For me it was the Driving School for kids, as I cannot forget my sister at 8 years old really concentrating on driving the little Lego car. She kept getting stuck in corners, it was hilarious.


She’s 23 now, and in charge of a real car – scary! Meanwhile, Tyler has had a go at the Driving School too, also getting stuck in corners.


Lego Chips are Awesome!

This was something my friend from Hong Kong introduced me – chips that are shaped like Lego bricks! They tasted so good too, a lovely crisp exterior and fluffy potato inside. But they are almost top secret, as you have to go to the bar in the Resort Hotel to get them (my insider’s tip 😉 )


It is so worth going to the Resort Hotel to eat, as the decor is awesome! I love the Lego bricks in the tables, but not just that – there is Lego artwork on the wall, so much to look at.


We ordered our chips at the bar and sat where we wanted. There’s outdoor seating too which is just by the playground, so adults can sit and keep an eye on their kids playing. I saw a few mums having a glass of wine on that sunny October day we visited!

Back inside the bar/restaurant, I just love the Lego sculptures, and everything is so colourful.


There’s a Duplo area inside for kids to play. We were here a good while building things.


Awesome Rides for Toddlers

It’s not just train rides that Tyler loves, he took to others too, such as driving this boat at Coastguard HQ – this is one of my favourite rides, its really relaxing boating along the river and seeing the Lego animals along the way.


Tyler’s first ever ride at Legoland was this one is called Laser Raiders where you go around inside an indoor labyrinth, shooting mummies and skeletons with laser guns. I really got into it. We had to buy a photo as it was Tyler’s first ride – look at his little face!


More recently Dino Safari was another favourite, with Tyler ‘driving’ a car through the jungle, where there were Lego dinosaurs. He wanted to go on this again and again.


Awesome Water Fun!

Something a bit different from the rides and perfect for a sunny day is the kiddie water park called Spash Safari, over in Duplo land. It is so so cool, giant colourful Duplo bricks with waterfalls spraying everywhere. There’s changing rooms and lockers to lock away your valuables for £1, so that way I could enjoy watching Tyler splash in the water. It is so fun, I’d recommend you bring your kiddies’ swimsuits if you’re visiting – Tyler had to make do with his vest and pants! Luckily I always carry spare clothes with me.


Well, now can you see why Tyler is obsessed with Legoland – he should so be a mini Legoland Ambassador, right?! We can’t wait for it to open again in March!

Sabrina x

P.S. If you fancy visiting, here are the details:

Address: Legoland Windsor, Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY
Website: www.legoland.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/officiallegolandwindsor
Twitter: twitter.com/LEGOLANDWindsor

This is our entry for the Legoland Blogger Ambassadors 2016



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    • Ahh we are lucky to live close to it. We always see Legoland visitors stay at the hotel opposite our apartment, maybe one day you could make it a holiday! X


  1. Oh wow I could go as far as saying its in he’s genes loving Lego and the trains. Wow how cool is that taking your child where you loved visiting too


  2. we love legoland too! it’s soo great that you have photo’s 15 years apart! it’s still just as fun as it was years ago! lego is timeless :p xx


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