A FisherPrice House Makeover

Now how many of you had a FisherPrice house when you were little? Do you remember them? Well my parents kept mine in the garage and I got it out a couple of months ago. It’s still intact and has the people and furniture, well some of them, which was a nice surprise. But it was looking a little tatty, so I thought why not give it a mini makeover. Here’s how it looked before/


As you can see, the colour had faded off the print, there’s a bit of damp (haha!) and the beds have lost their foam tops – actually I remember picking that off!

I found replacement litho stickers for the outside of the house from this lady in Canada. They are absolutely amazing, a perfect replica, and they arrived within a week and well packaged. She sells them on eBay under her username blackranda2.


I bought some sticky-back plastic which I covered the stickers with to make them waterproof. I then cut them out and carefully placed over the old stickers on the house.


Good as new! I couldn’t find replacement stickers for the floor, so I decided to use purple felt as carpet in the lounge, and glitter card for the floor in the kitchen. I cut to size and stuck with white pva glue.



For the bed, I randomly found some fuzzy white fabric lying around which was perfect. I cut and stuck with white pva glue.


And that was it. Obviously I don’t want to change too much, I love the wallpaper and flooring upstair, it really reminds me of my childhood. Everything has been cleaned, and now Tyler loves playing with them people and the house.



My beautiful renovated FisherPrice House. Ready for a new generation to wreck it!

Have you got any of your childhood toys? How are they looking?

Sabrina x

Home Etc
Mummy and Monkeys

20 responses to “A FisherPrice House Makeover

  1. That is fantastic, I never would have thought to look for replacement stickers and they look brilliant. My children play with a fair few of my old toys, but they are looking pretty battered now. My daughter in particular loves my old My Little Pony Dream Castle but the pieces have come apart and have to be propped up together, it doesn’t seem to bother her though. She also has all my My Little Ponies which I like much better than the new ones!


    • Thank you! Yes I just thought let me have a look on eBay, and there they were! Ahh My Little Pony, awesome! I have the stable still, also fallen apart haha! xx


  2. Oh my gosh, the memories! I had this exact house as a child – I wonder if my parents still have it lurking around somewhere? (Undoubtedly yes, they’re massive hoarders!) I’d never have known you could get replacement stickers, what a great tip!


  3. Oh this brought back many happy memories of my fisher price childhood toys. So nice that your Mum and Dad had kept it for you and you have done a fab job of rennovating it! πŸ™‚ #marvmondays


  4. This looks so fab! I love that you can get replacement stickers, I’m definitely going to bookmark her ebay store. πŸ˜€ I’ve got a few of my old toys but they’re all looking a bit worse for wear these days! x #Homeetc


  5. Oh wow! When we were small we had the big yellow teapot, when Ellie was about 3 my sister got her a vintage one from Ebay then when she outgrew it I sold it on a car boot for £2!! A few weeks later I spotted one on ebay selling for £52!!! I was so gutted that we had sold it, and now because Evie and Elsie would love it I really regret selling it 😦 #HomeEtc


  6. OHMYGOODNESS! The little dog!!! I had forgotten all about him!!! I absolutely LOVED my little Fisher Price people, when I was little. But that little black and white dog was always my favourite!! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking up with us πŸ™‚ #HomeEtc


  7. Oh wow you’ve done an amazing job here and what a difference the stickers made! Also love the flooring, how clever of you…. now wanting my own dolls house ha πŸ˜‰

    Stevie xx #PicknMix


  8. Hi, An update to Sabrina’s post. I actually do have the replacement lithos (stickers) for the floors for the house as well as many others on the ebay.ca site under my username blackranda2.



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