Maternity Dress Wishlist

The time has come where my clothes are getting tight. I’m halfway through my pregnancy now, so no surprise there! I had saved my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Tyler, but to be honest, I want more pretty dresses to wear. I’ve got the essentials from last time – maternity leggings and tops to wear underneath, so I just need some dresses to wear for the next 4 months.

I went shopping with my siblings at the weekend, and this is when I realised most high street stores don’t stock maternity clothes instore – so I’d have to look online! I’ve had a browse, and here’s what I’ve whittled my wishlist down to:

Maternity Dress Wishlist 2016

  1. Green Polka Dot Maternity Tea Dress – Bon Prix – £29.99
  2. Red Maternity Kimono Sleeve Floral Skater Dress – ASOS – £25
  3. Envie de Fraises Kristen Black Maternity Dress – Mothercare – £34
  4. Maternity Blue Floral Print Wrap Front Dress – New Look – £14.99
  5. Maternity Retro Floral Dress – TopShop – £49
  6. Navy butterfly pleated maternity dress – Red Herring, Debenhams – £29.50
  7. Navy Spot Maternity Dress – JoJo Maman Bebe – £39
  8. Maternity Pastel Blue Dotty Dress – Bon Prix – £24.99

As you can see, I’m into above-the-knee swishy, floral or polka dot dresses that I would wear with leggings. I like a bit of colour too, although the black Mothercare dress would be a nice work outfit.

The only thing is that the models wearing the dresses are rather slim, so these dresses may look different on an actual pregnant lady. I don’t know what size to order, and the option of just trying it on is not so easy when shopping online, ugh. Plus I don’t want to spend too much on something I won’t wear again after June. So for now I’m making do with what I’ve got, and asking friends who’ve had babies if they can lend me any maternity clothes that they’ve kept.

It’s nice to look though, a bit a retail therapy eh! What do you think? Which is your favourite dress out of my wishlist?

Sabrina x

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16 responses to “Maternity Dress Wishlist

  1. I love number 2, but understand your dilemma – bit hard to tell how it would look on a pregnant figure! I found it so annoying that most pregnancy ranges you can only order online – you’re shopping for an unfamiliar body, at no point in your life is it more necessary to try things on!! #ShareWithMe


  2. I love the dress from debenhams, it doesn’t even look like a maternity dress! I’ve actually found that buying larger size shift dresses sometimes works nicely rather than maternity specific clothes but here in the USA I have found the affordable maternity offerings to be much more limited than in the UK surprisingly.


    • It’s lovely isn’t it. I’m surprised there’s less choice in the US! Still I think you’re right about larger sized shift dresses, I think I’ll be shopping for those too xx


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  4. It’s funny isn’t it how fashion changes! I kept all mine from last time and didn’t like half of it when it came out of the loft. I’ve been trying to make do too although getting bigger quicker and the slight difference in seasons has meant I’ve brought two new work dresses and a winter coat but other than that I’m trying hard not to buy much else! I think my favourite is the Red Herring one. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week X


    • Yes, in only 4 years, mad isn’t it! I’m trying not to buy too much, as it’s only 4 more months, hopefully I can make do! Maybe I’ll get one dress hee hee. x


  5. A lovely selection! My fave maternity dress was from a shop on eBay, of all places! It was a lovely Kate Middleton-esq royal blue, and just fitted really nicely, both at the start and end of my pregnancy. I’ve still got it hanging in my wardrobe now, and keep wondering whether I should wear it, but I fear that with my post baby body the maternity cut of it will make me look pregnant still!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy 🙂 #marvmondays


  6. They do all look quite slim, don’t they? Bit annoying when you’re sporting a huge bump and want to see how they’ll actually look! Love them though, it won’t be long until my bump escalates and I’d love some gorgeous dresses for Summer. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


  7. Oh I love number 6! When I had my boys there was hardly any choice around even online with maternity wear, so it’s great there’s so much more now. I lived in stretchy ugly clothes arghh. Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix lovely

    Stevie xx


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