Gender Reveal – Boy or Girl… Find out NOW!

This may be the post you’ve all been waiting for hehe. I have been crossing off dates on my calendar, waiting for the 16th February to come… the date of my 21 week scan. It’s an anomaly scan, and obviously the most important thing we could hope for was for our baby to be okay.

And then secondly, we really wanted to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. We absolutely did not mind what the gender was, it was more for curiosity, so I can start buying cutie outfits and to get Tyler prepared for having a brother or sister. We just thought it’s better to know now.

I’d be happy having two little boys, and equally I’d be happy having a boy and a girl – I’d imagine Tyler would be a very caring big brother.

So, what are we having?

Eek – the suspense!


I took gender prediction tests earlier in the week, which came out 7 for boy, 4 for girl.

I did a few little teases on social media. Painted my nails blue and pink – boy or girl 😉


I made gender reveal cupcakes to reveal the news to my family and to my work colleagues. Inside each cupcake was either pink or blue icing – only I knew what was inside.


And I’m now ready to tell you all.

Are you ready?





That’s a very happy me just after we found out. Ahhhhh! It’s so exciting!

And the ones that were right from the gender prediction tests were the ring test, the hand palm test, the Chinese gender chart and the non-hairy legs lol. Just shows it’s all just old wives tales and a bit of fun.

Did you guess right?

Sabrina x

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15 responses to “Gender Reveal – Boy or Girl… Find out NOW!

  1. Congratulations!!!! I have one of each and I love it. My oldest is a 3 year old boy and he adores his baby sister! #MarvMondays


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  3. Awwww! Such exciting news. Congratulations lovely. A boy or girl would have been perfect either way, but its lovely to know that you are having a girl. Love all the tease up to the big reveal, fab idea 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMonday. Emily


  4. Congratulations this is brilliant news, love the nails and the cupcakes 🙂 Funny which predictions were right and which were wrong – we got similar results when we did ours. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x


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