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Remember that time I blogged about what photos to put up on our walls? How I take sooooo many photos, yet they’re all annoying just stuck on my laptop. I was contacted by Cheerz to try out their photo printing service, which was perfect – I would HAVE to sit down now and choose some photos to print!

Cheerz specialize in printing out square photos so it’s perfect for your Instagram pics, although you can use your photos from any source, Facebook, your camera, hard drive. They have such a variety of choices in their range, from retro polaroid style prints. magnets, frames prints and giant posters.

Retro Prints:


Above are the Retro Prints, of which I ordered 20. They came in a colourful purple envelope. I love the polaroid look of them, and the fact I could choose text to print on the border – so each photo had a story caption.

Big Square:


The ‘Big Square’ is a black framed print with 4 photos. I chose the photos from when Tyler and I went on our first ‘mummy and son only’ holiday in Southend, as it has such happy memories for us. It printed out beautifully, I really love it. At the moment I have it propped up on a sideboard, but I am going to hang it up in my new blogging corner once my new desk arrives (exciting!). The frame measures 40x40cm, and you can choose 4, 9 or 16 photos.



These strips remind me of those photos you print out in a photo booth, except better as you can take your time choosing photos! You get 5 strips, each with 4 photos, and you can choose a caption to go at the bottom. I chose 5 different holidays/days out to print, and I love them as they are an instant reminder of the day out. The colours came out so vibrant and the strips are in a lovely matt finish. They came in a sturdy  pastel coloured wallet too.



This poster is 50x70xm with 35 photos. I really liked the idea of having so many photos on one print. I chose photos of Tyler and all the people Tyler loves to be on this, so he can have it in his room. It really is eye-catching – I think the key is to pick a mix of close-ups, landscape and arty shots to give it a variety. All I need to do now is get a frame, or I could stick it up like a poster. There is a bigger size available at 70x100cm and you can choose to get it framed by Cheerz.



These are the sweetest little things to put on your fridge! 9 magnets at size 2.25×2.25″, and they are super thin at 0.5mm. They came in a dinky little box too, it would make the perfect gift for someone! I chose photos from our Hastings holiday to be magnets, plus one retro one of me and my dad. They really cheer up the fridge! The colours have printed out bright, with a matt finish and they are fully waterproof. Tyler loves rearranging them all the time!


Choosing the photos was made so easy by Cheerz. My fear about printing photos out is not being able to decide or remember what photos I have taken. With Cheerz, you create an account and can connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then instantly all your photos are there to choose from, you just have to tick which ones you want. I was really impressed with this and it made choosing photos so much more fun. I had a lot of ‘oh yeah I remember that photo’ moments! Also you can leave it and log back on another day to complete, which is what I did. That took the pressure off, and made me feel I could take my time.

The photos are printed in France, so when you get your packages, they come with a ‘par avion’ stamp – I love getting stuff from abroad, it feels so special! But even though it is coming from France, the photos are despatched very quickly and they came within the week. The smaller products came in 2 days!

With Mother’s Day range coming up on 6th March, Cheerz have some limited edition prints in their range at the moment: Mother’s Day Photo Album, Mother’s Day Cheerz Box and Mother’s Day Magnets. The last day for ordering these is Sunday 28th February.

I’m really happy with the service and can totally recommend them. If you have loads of pretty Instagram photos, I think this is a great idea for getting them off your phone and into real life.

Sabrina x

This is a collaborative post. Cheerz kindly paid for the products but as always all opinions are my own.

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28 responses to “Photos Prints with Cheerz

  1. That looks amazing. Like you, I’ve got thousands upon thousands of photos stored in my computer! These prints look perfect and love the idea of using them not just on frames, but on other things as well (like the fridge magnet) 🙂


  2. I can’t remember the last I actually got pictures printed I think last time was 2014 or was it 2015 not sure but I too have too many pictures stuck on my phone or laptop definitely need to check out Cheerz


  3. Looks lovely – I love anything where there are photographs or family pics around our home, they make me smile and bring back such amazing memories. Thanks for linking up – much appreciated. Jess xx



  4. Oh wow I love each of these products. As I was reading I was saying ooo how nice, love the big square – oh, love the strips & so on. Everything turned out fab! Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. They’re so sweet aren’t they? I love these companies that take the images off our phones and create something lasting and memorable with them! I MISS *real* photographs!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up! #HomeEtc is live from 6am tomorrow — I hope you’ll be able to join us! xx


    • Yes it’s amazing when you think about it, something you’ve snapped on your phone can be blown up quite large! You definitely can’t beat ‘real’ photos x


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