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I thought I’d start doing some Maternity Style posts now that my bump is showing, so you can see how maternity clothes look on a REAL pregnant lady rather than a model. My style is pretty girly, I’ve always liked dresses with leggings before I was pregnant, with a bow or a flower in my hair. So far I’ve been able to wear my normal dresses as they are loose around the waist. But as the bump is growing, I’m looking at maternity dresses to add to my wardrobe.

I wrote a Maternity Dress Wishlist the other week for some inspiration, and then my bestest bud surprised me when I received a package in the post. She only went and bought me one of the dresses! She is so the best – I love her! My first Maternity Style post HAS to be about that dress 🙂


This dress is from Mothercare – it’s the Envie de Fraises Kristen Black Maternity Dress at £34.99. Envie de Fraises is a French brand that is stocked at Mothercare. This is how it looked on the skinny model.


I’m a size 14 and it looks way better on me, right 😉 I don’t normally wear black, opting for brighter colours and patterns – but it’s nice to have a black dress for work when I feel like looking smart.

The fabric is really soft and stretchy, and when I first put it on, I was really surprised at how comfortable it was. I thought it would feel heavy, but it doesn’t at all. It glides over the bump. It comes with a thin belt which is also really light and soft, so it’s actually comfortable to wear. I wear it above the bump as that looks most flattering, and as there are no loops on the dress to hook the belt through,  I could decide to wear the belt lower, or not at all if I wanted.


The dress is sleeveless, but I don’t really like showing my arms, so I wear a black top underneath. The only bad thing about the dress is that I’ve worn it about 4 times now, and the fabric is bobbling around the bump – it must be from when I wash up at the sink, my bump rubs against the side of the counter. But as the fabric is black, you can’t really see the bobbles from afar.

I’ve teamed the dress with my Red Herring black maternity leggings and my New Look black boots.  These leggings are my staple maternity fashion item from when I was first pregnant 4 years ago, and I have them in dark blue too. They are so so comfortable and go with any of my dresses.

I don’t like tops that are low-cut, so I’m really happy with the round neck of this dress, and the flare of the skirt is very girly – just my style. I wear it with different coloured cardis to brighten it up.

So that’s my first Maternity Style post – hope you found it interesting to see maternity clothes on a REAL pregnant lady!

Sabrina x

My Petit Canard



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    • Thanks so much! Yes it definitely can be dressed up with accessories if I was going out (I can only dream haha!) and maybe add a bright belt instead. It’s only got to last 3 1/2 more months, so it’ll do! xx

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    • Thank you so much 🙂 It is really hard finding nice maternity clothes, but I do like a challenge 😉 Definitely prefer wearing dresses, even before I was pregnant – trousers are always so tight on me! x


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