Pregnancy Update Week 23 – 24 | Baby No. 2

Time for a pregnancy update and it’s been an interesting few weeks. After months of being tired and achy, and staying indoors on days I didn’t have to go to work, I suddenly got my energy back at the start of Week 23 – hurray!


I was so happy, I felt like a normal person again. I got up on Monday, got myself and Tyler ready and we went to playgroup for the first time since last year! He was soooo happy, I felt bad that I hadn’t taken him for so long, so I’m going to make sure we go to as many as possible from now until the baby is here. I had a good time too and I was catching up with one of the mums I used to see, and she now has a 7-month-old girl.

After playgroup, I picked up my MATB1 form from the doctors. I had texted my midwife the previous week that I needed one but did not have any appointments until Week 28. She left me a voicemail later that day that she had filled one out for me and I could pick it up from the doctor’s reception when I was free. Awesome.

So I picked up the form, then we wandered around the shops and went to Activus Soft Play as Tyler still wanted to play, and we had some lunch there. We got back home at 3 and it felt great having a WHOLE day out – I was well proud of my pregnant self!

The next day I painted my kitchen yellow, so the energy spell continued, maybe this is some sort of nesting. Unfortunately then from Wednesday to Friday I had this awful aching pain under my bump, it was so painful to walk, I had to walk really slowly from the station to work and vice versa. I was so upset, I thought I would be able to do normal things again, but there I was waddling in pain again.

I checked my babycenter app and it said that I might feel pains in Week 23-24 due to ligaments stretching as my uterus would now be up to by belly button. So at least I knew this pain was normal.

Then over the weekend I didn’t feel the pains anymore, and by Monday of Week 24 I was back to being energised again and took Tyler to playgroup and soft play again. He enjoyed himself so much, and I felt good being out and about, I even bought a new maternity dress from TopShop. I got a real bargain, it’s a pink floral dress that was £46 full price, but down to £15! I’ll have to feature it in my new Maternity Style series in a future post.

We had a day on the trains the next day, when we visited my friend in South London. He was so happy that day, especially going on the Underground, and we had a lovely stroll to their house, looking at pretty doors on the way – I’d forgotten how pretty Victorian London streets are.

The baby has been moving and kicking SO much, and in Week 24, if I rest my arm on my bump, the kicks actually move my arm! Today I looked at my bump, really concentrating, and I could see the bump moving, there really is a baby in there! The movement is to the right side and below the belly button – so I’m assuming that’s arms and legs moving.

I handed my MATB1 form to HR this week, and am hoping to leave in the first week of May, when I will be 32 weeks. It’s getting real now 🙂

According to the Babycentre app, in Week 23 baby weighed as much as a mango (mmm) and in Week 24 she was as long as a corn on the cob!

That’s it for now, let’s see how the next few weeks go – hopefully the energy is here to stay, fingers crossed.

Sabrina x

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6 responses to “Pregnancy Update Week 23 – 24 | Baby No. 2

    • It’s nice when the energy comes back. I think I’m the same, I was really tired yesterday so it comes and goes. I don’t like being tired, but oh well! Good luck with your pregnancy and thanks for reading xx


  1. Lovely update, I’m week 19 now and I love seeing what I’ll experience in a few. I love feeling movement and can’t wait to watch my belly moving all over the place. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo


    • Ooh you’re only a few weeks behind me – exciting! It is brilliant seeing the belly move, slightly strange too and there’s still 3 1/2 months to go! xx


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