5 Reasons why you SHOULD go shopping in Slough

Yes you read that right! I know, I know, the High Street is dying, especially in Slough. Why on earth would you make your way to go shopping in Slough when you can go to nearby Uxbridge, Windsor, Reading, even Maidenhead, which offer so much more. Well here’s why:


  1. Outlet Store Bargains – Yes, you have all the big brands in the neighbouring towns, but come to Slough and you can get branded products CHEAP at the outlet stores. We have Choice which sells past season Next clothes for half the price. If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll have seen all the gorgeous clothes I’ve bought for Lily, babygros for £3, leggings for £1.50. There is also a Clarks Factory Store where I bought Tyler’s school shoes for £20, which would normally be £37. The other day I saw an offer where you buy one pair of shoes and you could get a second for £5! And the other outlet store is WHSmith, where at the back of the store you can find all sorts of bargains – lunchbags for £3, expanding files for £1 and loads of other random bits and bobs. And in our Debenhams, the top floor has a permanent clearance bay where you can rummage through and find some home bargains – this is where I got my bargain designer coasters from (EDIT: That floor is closed now 😦 )
  2. Department Store Shopping without the queues – we have Debenhams, TK Maxx and Primark for your department store shopping, and B&M and Wilkos for affordable home stuff.  The great thing about coming to Slough to shop is that there are no queues. As it’s not a destination shopping centre, you can buy the same stuff you get in Uxbridge or Reading and browse in peace as it’s less crowded. Yes the stores are clearly the most unloved branches in the country and could do with a refurb, but the products themselves are just as good.
  3. Stop for a coffee break AND get a seat – you know how annoying it is when you want to sit down for a coffee and there are no seats free, so you hover around waiting for someone to finish. Well at Slough there is a HUGE Starbucks, you will always get a seat. It’s a really nice one too, with floor-to-ceiling windows letting in loads of light. There are also two Costa coffee shops, the fake Polish Costa called Tasty, Greggs, The Curve Cafe inside the new library, and the coffee shop next to Primark. If you’re after a proper meal, there are not one but TWO Nandos, a Pizza Express, a brand new steak place called Blues Smokehouse (EDIT: closed – now Rickshaw Road), Chopstix and if you’re after pub grub there is the hidden gem that is the Herschel Arms.
  4. You can put the kids in Soft Play after you’ve done your shopping – how many other shopping centres have a soft play INSIDE the shopping centre? We have one next to Primark called Activus, which is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So you can do all your shopping and then have a break here while you let the kids run loose. It’s a good sized soft play too.
  5. You can go shopping in your PJs and no one will bat an eyelid – I’ve never done this by the way. But what I’m saying is that it’s not posh in Slough. It’s just normal. If you’re having a bad day and you feel like crap, you can come out in your PJs or joggers, no makeup, and it’s fine. No one will even notice! I have just gone into town to mooch around the shops, throwing on whatever clothes and not bothering with makeup. And it’s okay.

And if you’re into history, look up and you’ll see loads of pretty architecture from the past. Check out this old photo of Slough High Street, I love looking for hints of the past when I visit.


So those are my 5 reasons why you SHOULD come shopping in Slough! Go on, I bet you’re curious to visit now 😀

Sabrina x

PS. I haven’t been paid to write this, I genuinely love getting a bargain when shopping in Slough High Street 🙂

EDIT 08/17 – Please note, you may notice a lot of big brands stores closing in the shopping centre over the next year – it is rumoured that the Queensmere Observatory will be demolished and a new Westfield-type shopping centre will be built in it’s place. This is all word-of-mouth from shop workers in the centre, I have seen nothing confirmed on paper. This will be a slow makeover as they are waiting for the leases of each store to run out apparently. So if you are thinking to visit Slough, just be aware that although it looks like the High Street is dying, this should be only temporary.



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