Monochrome Space-Saving Nursery Ideas

I’ve got 10 weeks to go before Honey Nut should be here, so it’s time to get thinking about where she’ll sleep! She’ll be in our room for the first year, as we did with Tyler, so we’ll need to rearrange the bedroom slightly to fit a cot and storage in.

When we had Tyler, we lived in an open-plan bedroom and living-room, that had curtains separating the two rooms. We tucked Tyler’s space-saver cot in the corner between our bed and the wall of the living room, placed little storage units in front of the cot and then decorated that corner of the room in a seaside theme. Here’s how it looked:

space-saving nursery idea for baby in small flat

Now 4 years later, even though we are in a bigger property and Tyler has his own bedroom for all his stuff, we are in the same situation of fitting the new baby’s furniture in small corners of our bedroom. The bunting and seaside teatowel are currently in Tyler’s bedroom, so we’ll have to think of something different for Honey Nut’s little corner.

Our bedroom is decorated with black and white prints on the wall, seaside photos, urban typography, and our furniture is mostly white. So with that in mind, I may go for some sort of monochrome look, with a pop of yellow. And they say that babies can see black and white the clearest in the early days.

So I’ve had a bit of fun creating a monochrome nursery moodboard, obviously pretending I have loads of money to spend 😉


1. Storm Cotbed Sheet – Tobias and the Bear – £30
2.Monochrome Bunting 5m – Wildfire Teepees – £20
3. Urbane Sleigh 3-Drawer Chest – Boori – £299
4.Black Cloud Changing Mat – This Modern Life – £38.50
5. Two-Pack Sheep/Star Baby Sleeping Bag – John Lewis – £32
6. Urbane Sleigh Cotbed – Boori – £349

There’s something so modern and fresh-looking about white furniture, and as this is a dream moodboard, I’ve gone for luxury brand Boori for nursery furniture. They are an Australian brand that have launched in the UK, and I just love the curves of the Urbane Sleigh range. The cot converts into a toddler bed and it’s 153cm x 78cm so would fit well into the corner of our bedroom by our bed – a good size for small spaces.

I’d love to have matching drawers too, as that’s something we didn’t have with Tyler. The Boori chest of drawers has a changing table on top, again saving on space. I think it would look really cool with the black and white cloud changing mat that I found for the moodboard.

I’m really loving the monochrome look, and it would fit perfectly with our current bedroom look. And of course Honey Nut would be dressed in bright colours, so she would be the pop of colour in the theme!

What do you think? How would you dress your dream nursery?

Sabrina x

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This is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own as always.


35 responses to “Monochrome Space-Saving Nursery Ideas

  1. I love monochrome and great for a baby too because is it true that they can only see black and white when they are born? Either way it is going to be one super stylish corner 🙂 #HomeEtc


  2. Love the mood board you created. Monochrome with a splash of colour is great. My dream would be pink and rose gold x


  3. Gosh how exciting, I didn’t realise she was due so soon! I love your style and pieces you’ve chosen, monochrome works so well because it can be accessorised with little pops of colour here and there. Beautiful! X #HomeEtc


  4. I really love that bunting, i think it’s perfect for a nursery and like you said they will add the pop of colour in the room. So sweet!

    Cydney x


  5. My girls nursery is minnie mouse themed. Simplicity. I didn’t really have the time to put any more thought into it because I decorated it when she was already born.


  6. Wow! I don’t know how you coped with a little one sharing your open-plan living room/bedroom space? Did you get any sleep? We’ve gone for a bedside cot this time around with our youngest, but we also have the space for my OH to sleep in another room this time too – everyone has a more peaceful night. 🙂


    • Haha, we had a good sleeper, and he got used to falling asleep with the telly on in the living room so it worked out well! I remember having to keep our voices low in the evenings. It’s good having a second bedroom this time round, you’re right it’s good for the OH to sleep there if needs be, we’ll all get our sleep somewhere! X


  7. Love the monochrome look and that changing mat! We were planning on doing baby K’s room grey with white furniture and lilac bits if he was a girl or navy for a boy! Well all my friends went for grey walls so I decided to keep his room all white – white walls, furniture and curtains! I decided his toys are going to all be so colourful that that’ll be the colour he needs 🙂 #KCACOLS


    • Yes I love that changing mat! We’ve got white walls too, it’s so easy to change a rooms theme that way, and you’re right the toys will be the colour! X


  8. I love the way you personalised Tyler’s space in your bedroom. That nautical theme is very cute. I also love all your ideas for Honey Nut’s furniture. The monochrome and yellow will look stunning. And I adore all the Boori Urbane collection. They are perfect for small spaces and so stylish. It is hard to choose which cot is my favourite. Hugs Lucy xxxx


    • I always have a soft spot for the nautical theme – I like to pretend I live at the seaside! But I’m excited to try something different for Honey Nut’s space. And I’m the same, all of the Boori furniture is gorgeous! xx


  9. What a lovely mood board! I love the monochrome theme and I think the yellow gives it a great pop of colour as you say. I cant wait to see what you decide to do, I’m sure its going to look great 🙂 We’re doing the same thing, having baby in with us for at least the first 6 months before moving him in with the little lady so we need to start getting creative in our room! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


    • I’m so excited to get started, probably when there’s a month to go, still feels a bit early for me! It’s exciting decorating though isn’t it! Xx


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