Week 35 – 36 Pregnancy Update | Baby No. 2

At the start of Week 35, I went on a hospital tour at Wexham Park Hospital, which is where I will be giving birth very soon, so I thought I’d better check it out to feel a bit more prepared. We weren’t offered a hospital tour where I had Tyler at Kings College Hospital in London, maybe it’s too busy a hospital that there wouldn’t be a good time to show people around. Wexham Park Hospital by contrast was so quiet on the Sunday morning I went. I wrote all about the tour here if you fancy a read.


I do feel better having seen the hospital and met some of the midwives. Now you’ll remember from my last update that I think Honey Nut turned head down towards the end of Week 34, but I still went to the Breech Clinic on Wednesday just to get it definitely confirmed.

The Breech Clinic runs on Wednesday mornings at the Fetal Assessment Unit in Wexham Park Hospital. I was first in at 10am, and had to wait for a little bit while they set up the scanning machine. I was called in by two midwives who were really friendly. The room was like the rooms you have normal scans at, but much brighter. I lay on the couch and first she felt my bump – it was very uncomfortable, and she really had to prod! Anyway, she said she could definitely feel a little head down there. Then she did a scan, and we saw Honey Nut on the screen head down, her heart beating away and her back towards my left side. All good!

I asked if she could turn again, or could I relax about it, and they said no she would be unlikely to turn again, basically this is it! Phew! They updated my notes and that was that.

In Week 36 I had my midwife appointment where she checked my blood pressure and my urine – all is fine. She then felt my bump and she could feel Honey Nut being head down but not engaged yet. She got her doppler out to hear her heartbeat – 150bpm or something. Tyler found all of this amusing as usual!

She gave me an Emma’s Diary Labour pack which was full of freebies – a little book about labour, sample packs of Pampers Newborn nappies, baby wipes, Fairy laundry tablets and a Bepanthen Nappy Rash cream.


The same day I had a health visitor come round to the flat, as they do antenatal visits in our borough of Slough. She was very friendly and was just asking questions about our lifestyle, how we’re feeling about the baby, how Tyler is feeling, if we have family and support close by. I guess in this area there must be a lot of women who are a bit isolated and don’t have much support – well that’s what I’m guessing from the questions. Anyway, she had nothing to worry about with me. Also I could ask her questions too, and she said there is breastfeeding support everyday at Upton Court Hospital and at Children’s Centres.

She also said they recommend to have baby on back in the cot with nothing else in there, no cot bumpers, no cushions, no rolled up blankets. With Tyler I did have cot bumpers and we put rolled up blankets on both sides of him while he slept swaddled, which was what the midwives in Brixton showed me – so it’s interesting how recommendations change every few years! Anyway, I’ll see how it goes with Honey Nut, you just can’t predict how they will sleep until they are here.

She also said they recommend to have baby’s cot in the parents’ room until 6 months and then baby should be in her own room, or in my case sharing with Tyler. We had Tyler’s cot in our room until he was 2 years old due to our living situation, so again I said I’ll see how it goes. Personally, I don’t think baby needs to be in her/his own room at 6 months – that’s crazy young to me, but each to their own!

These two weeks I have been feeling Honey Nut a lot more now that her feet are in my ribs – she is kicking ALL the time. I love it. It has been very uncomfortable sleeping at night, I feel like my legs are too heavy. In the day I’ve been keeping myself busy – selling my mini/buying a family car, my baby shower, taking Tyler for a day out on the DLR/Cable Car – and when I’m busy I don’t notice Honey Nut as much, it’s almost like I’m not pregnant. Well, apart from needing to pee every few minutes and not being able to stand for long without needing to sit down. And when I walk, sometimes I hold underneath my bump as it feels like she’s going to fall out!

Food-wise I’ve been eating LOADS of ice cream. According to my Babycentre app, at Week 35 baby was the size of a honeydew melon and at Week 36 a romaine lettuce.

And that’s it, today I am 37 weeks and Honey Nut is now full-term – I could give birth to her any minute now! Obviously I hope she’ll wait a bit longer – I have set up the cot but still need to wash all the baby stuff – sheets, blankets, clothes, I need to pack my hospital bag and buy bits and bobs to go in it. I’ll do it all this week – I have to!

Sabrina x


9 responses to “Week 35 – 36 Pregnancy Update | Baby No. 2

  1. All of mine were breech too, right up until the very end and all went head down when it mattered! You really don’t have long left now do you? Exciting! xx


  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely experience with us , And best of luck to you for your baby , and I also want to share something my experience with you , my sister gifted me baby heartbeat monitor when I was in this phase , and when I hear heartbeat of my unborn babay it feels amazing. Thanks again .


    • Ahh thanks for reading! Oh isn’t it the best to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I recorded it on my phone so I could listen to it over and over. I almost forgot about that stage until you reminded me, thank you! Hope all is well with you and your baby xx


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