My Tropical Baby Shower with Tiffany Rose

A few weeks ago, my cousins thought it would be nice to have a baby shower dinner with just us girlies. I had already had a family baby shower thrown on me at the end of April at my parents’ house, but this one would be more like a last night out in London. Because who knows when I’ll be back out on the town after Honey Nut arrives?!


I chose the location of Dim T at London Bridge, as it has amazing views of Tower Bridge and the River Thames. I had been there last year for my siblings’ birthdays, so I knew it would be perfect. And rather than going for a traditional baby pink theme, I went tropical! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how I love the tropical look and all the cute baby outfits I’ve got in a tropical theme!


So I arrived at the venue armed with my decorations – a blow-up flamingo, fuchsia pink balloons and ribbons, tropical fruit straws and a Hawaiian Lei Flower Garland for each of my guests, arranged on the chairs. The staff looked on intrigued – I think they thought it was a hen party first, until they saw my huge 36 week bump!


And to go perfectly with my tropical theme, I had the most amazing Hawaiian maternity dress kindly sent to me by Tiffany Rose. What is great about this company is that all their dresses are designed and made in Britain, and the dresses are delivered in the most gorgeous box. I felt so pretty in this dress, it is beautiful – no longer did I feel like a beached whale! My dress is called Alessandra Short Dress in Hawaiian Breeze, and the fabric is so light and stretchy, it just glided over my skin comfortably.


I love the length of it, even though this is a ‘short’ dress (they have a long version of it), it’s very modest. The fabric around the bust is crossover at the front and back, and it is so comfortable – if you’re pregnant you know about uncomfortable giant boobs, but this dress keeps it all in! The length of the sleeves covering the shoulders is nice too – this is honestly the best maternity dress I have worn this pregnancy. And it gets better, the dress is nursing friendly, so I can still wear it after Honey Nut is born.


With everyone wearing their Hawaiian leis, we started of the evening with some mocktails – you can see how my tropical straws made it more fun! I had a lychee and lemongrass mocktail which was really refreshing.


In our group, 3 of us have had children and 2 are still young and free. The conversation naturally turned to babies and labour, and it’s so funny how whenever we meet up, these two free ones remember why they don’t want children haha! I’m sure they will when the time is right, but it is quite horrific what we all have to go through!


We had dim sum for starter and then each of us had a different main. I went for Japanese Noodles with prawns in a coconut sauce – it was deeelicious. The staff were really friendly too, and we had the manager Chris coming over for some banter throughout the evening, he was a right laugh!


We could not stop gazing at the view outside our window, even on that rainy Tuesday, it still looked beautiful. And we got to see the sun set too!


I didn’t plan on it being a late night, we had started the evening at 7pm so we could get back to our babies. But somehow it got to 9.30pm and we were still going strong. Time really flies when you are having fun.


We ordered dessert, and of course I had to have ice cream – I’d say that has been my one consistent craving this pregnancy. Some of the girls ordered flowering jasmine tea, and I had to take a photo of this drink, it’s so so pretty.


After more chatting and gossiping, we finally left at around 10.15pm, and we went outside to take some night time photos infront of the lit-up Tower Bridge – like proper tourists, even though we’re all Londoners!


I think that’s saying something if proper Londoners are amazed by the views. If you’re ever thinking of any evening out, check out More London, just a short walk from London Bridge station. I chose Dim T but there are loads of other places to eat and drink there too.


After taking loads of selfies, we walked back to the station and said our goodbyes – for me that made it so real, to know the next time I see my cousins I will have a baby girl with me! It felt scary for it to be my last night out in London for a while, but hey, life is going to be busy for the next few months when Honey Nut is here. Exciting!


Thank you girls for the best night out I’ve had in a long time, Dim T for a great location with super staff and to Tiffany Rose for my beautiful dress!

Sabrina x

P.S. If you are pregnant, I can’t recommend Tiffany Rose enough – seriously the most pretty and comfortable maternity dress I’ve ever worn! Do check out their range here:

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32 responses to “My Tropical Baby Shower with Tiffany Rose

  1. Fabulous theme for a baby shower. Your looking fab too. I doubt I’ll be getting a baby shower this time round. Had one in my last… It’s a lot of work to organise.


  2. aww what a wonderful idea for a baby shower? I’ve never been to Dim T but after your recommendation I’m popping it on my list – I love the views over Tower Bridge too – may favourite part of London! Wishing you all the best in the next few weeks of your pregnancy #MarvMondays


  3. What a great way to celebrate with your friends. I love the theme as well, and the dress looks beautiful on you!


  4. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous time you must have had! It all looks amazing, I couldn’t think of a better theme! That dress is beautiful too! Wishing you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy x


  5. When you said tropical, I didn’t imagine it would be so gorgeously tropical. What a beautiful baby shower and stunning views! Love Love Love Yvadney x


    • Hehe thank you, I have so many of those Hawaiian lei things at home, I can make anything look tropical with them! I totally recommend that side of London Bridge, it’s beautiful there! xx


    • It really was! Aw that’s a shame, it’s just an excuse for a girlie getogether – maybe you can have a girls night out one day for no reason! xx


  6. Aww what a lovely evening! It looks like you had such a lovely night. I love Dim T and 1 Moore Place, so many lovely places to eat and such a great view of London. Loved your baby shower theme and your gorgeous dress matched it perfectly! Not long to go now lovely 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


    • Yeah isn’t that side of London Bridge amazing, I’d love to go back again! Ahh thank you, I do love anything tropical. And now for the countdown – eek! Xx


  7. Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve visited your blog! Stop making me homesick for London lol. Actually I’ll be there in a couple of weeks for #BML16 and the BiBs so I’ll try not to have total London envy over your post. I’m a long way past new babies now; can’t believe how many bloggers are currently pregnant. Looks like you had a lot fun and good luck for the arrival! #marvmondays


    • Hehe,where have you been?! Seriously I’m so happy you’ve commented, I love your blog 😀 Hope you enjoy being back in London for the awards – who knows i might be giving birth then! And you’re right, so many pregnant bloggers at the mo. Must be something in the water! Xx


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