Week 39 Pregnancy Update | Baby No. 2

I was really hoping this would be my last week of pregnancy, but here I am on my due date writing this update! Still I never expected her to be on time, though I’d really like her to come on Sunday. Here is how Week 39 of pregnancy went.


I actually did absolutely nothing on Monday and Tuesday, luckily Tyler was happy to stay indoors and play. My fear at this stage if is I do go into labour, what if my siblings don’t get here on time to pick up Tyler, and what if my husband doesn’t get back from work in time – it takes him an hour to get back. I wasn’t worried about this before, but now I have heard the second babies can literally pop out, your waters can break and then baby comes an hour later! Or maybe it will take longer than that. You just don’t know, it’s luck! And it’s the not knowing when and how long that is making me anxious and scared to leave the flat!

On Tuesday I woke with the most awful lower back pain, I could not do anything! It got worse throughout the day, and the bump kept getting tight at the bottom. I was convinced this might be some sort of sign of pre-labour. I felt nervous, is this it?! My husband and I were on alert that night, but nothing happened, and in the morning I felt nothing. I can only assume Honey Nut had moved down to cause the pain.

The next few days I took Tyler to my parents to go to pre-school and just lazed around in my pjs, listening to my hypnobirthing tracks and re-reading the book. I feel really ready now.

On Friday I had a midwife appointment, so I actually got dressed. It turns out that I was right with my gut feeling about the doctor at my 38 week appointment last week – she just measured my bump differently. My midwife measured my bump and Honey Nut’s growth is normal, it’s 37cm, and her heartbeat is 148 which is good. Her head is in my pelvis so quite low down but not engaged yet. But she said second babies normally engage right at the last minute. My pee had a little bit of protein but nothing to worry about. My blood pressure is normal too. It was so nice having my appointment with the midwife. Why do doctors worry you unnecessarily?!

We are hoping Honey Nut will arrive soon, but in case she hasn’t I have a standby appointment on Friday 1st July, where there will be the usual checks and I can have a sweep if I want. I don’t. If baby hasn’t come 12 days after her due date, then I will be induced. Hoping it doesn’t come to that, I want her here now!

Anyway with that good news, I had a little shopping spree while I was still free (Tyler was at preschool). It was hard as I had to sit down like every 10 minutes, it hurts to walk or stand for too long.

My sister is staying the weekend in case anything happens and she can take me to the hospital and look after Tyler. I’ve been doing reflexology on a point above my ankle, eating pineapples, having raspberry leaf tea and eating hot spicy food, plus bouncing on my bouncy ball.

At 39 weeks, baby is the size of a mini-watermelon according to the babycentre, and a small pumpkin at 40 weeks.

Let’s hope this is my last pregnancy update! It’s baby-watch for now 😀

Sabrina x


30 responses to “Week 39 Pregnancy Update | Baby No. 2

  1. Awww keeping everything crossed for you and hope that Honey Nut puts in an appearance very soon! xx


  2. oh wow, you literally are reading to drop! I have the 1st July in my head for some reason, lets hope during the appointment you just go into labour. I am now following you blog, can’t wait for more updates. good luck and just remember the hypo techniques, you’ll be fab! #MarvMondays


  3. it is so close now, how exciting. Keeping fingers crossed for you for an amazing birth good luck and cant wait to hear. That is lovely your sister came to stay with you and how nice to have a little time to yourself to shop even if you had to stop every ten minutes. x


  4. Best of luck and here’s hoping for baby to arrive in the next few days. I was 10 days overdue with with my first but 8 days early with my second. Mad how different they can be.


  5. I’m a bit behind… been a week and a half for me so only catching this post now BUT you’ve had the baby and my god is she adorable. Congrats and hope you and Honey Nut are resting up 🙂


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