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This week Tyler is wearing a polo shirt for the first time in aaages! He went through a fussy stage of not wanting to wear anything with collars, but that phase seems to have passed – which is good timing as he’ll have to wear a white polo shirt with collar as part of his school uniform from this September!


The polo shirt is from Rockin’ Baby and comes in brightly coloured stripes of orange, navy blue and deep blue, with a pastel blue collar. Tyler is looking very smart in it. The fabric is very soft and the age 4-5 size fits Tyler perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. He was happy running around in the sunshine in it.


There are 3 buttons at the collar that aren’t too fiddly to do up, and I left the top one undone so it looks a bit cooler. I teamed it with his light blue trousers from Next, orange lion socks from H&M and his only shoes which are Sketchers. I thought all the colours complimented each other.


I don’t think he’ll ever grow old of running after bubbles – the simple things! The polo shirt has the Rockin’ Baby star embroidered in orange. It’s a cool logo too.


Tyler is always playing with water at the grandparents’ house, usually watering the flowers, and the number of times he has come back inside drenched is ridiculous! So this time he wore the Rockin’ Baby Poncho.


It’s dark blue with a cool anchor print that I love, being a big fan of anything nautical. It comes in size ‘age 3-6 years’ and on Tyler it is nice and loose so I can see it lasting a good few years.


The poncho is done up at the front with poppers. The hood is quite large so covers all of Tyler’s hair.


The back of the poncho has a pocket that closes with velcro, so the poncho can be folded away into this pocket for storage or carrying around.


The material is very lightweight so it didn’t bother Tyler having to wear it over his clothes, and being light and waterproof, it was really quick and easy to dry, just hanging it on the washing line.


Tyler had the best time splashing around whilst wearing this, and the best thing was that his clothes were completely dry when we took the poncho off. I was the one who got totally drenched during this photo shoot! So it really works, seriously, I don’t know why we didn’t get one before – duh us!


Here’s where you can get Tyler’s outfit from:

Paul Multi Stripe Polo Tee – Rockin’ Baby – £16
Pastel Blue Trousers – Next (last season)
Animal Socks 3-pack – H&M – £5.99
Pourin’ Anchor Print Poncho – Rockin’ Baby – £22

What is amazing about Rockin’ Baby is that they give back – they are working in partnership with ChildFund International, where for every piece of clothing sold from their SS16 collection, an item from their ‘Hero’ collection will be gifted to a child in need from 30 countries including West Africa. They are on target to donate 250,000 pieces of clothing in 2016. I think it’s great to know that your money is going to a worthy cause as well as dressing your own child.

Sabrina x

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12 responses to “Tyler’s Outfit of the Week | Rockin’ Baby

  1. Such fab outfits, aren’t those style of ponchos amazing? Leah has one which shes had for about 2 years now, its still fits her perfectly too so it’s great they last well. Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle


  2. Lovely lovely outfit! I love Rockin’ Baby so much 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx


  3. What a fab polo! Love the bright colours and stripes. They really suit him. How cool is that poncho – got to love a nautical theme! Also loving the flatlay lovey. Thanks so much for linking up with us 🙂 #weekendtotstyle


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