Snuggle Sac | Children’s Sleeping Bag Review

My boy Tyler adores his Uncle and Aunty. When we visit my parents’ house, he is always straight up to see them, getting them to play with his many toys. He even dresses like his Aunty! They are his fun Uncle and Aunty, and when we stay over, Tyler loves to sleep in his Aunty’s room. He’s usually on his old cot mattress on the floor, with his old baby duvet and a pillow borrowed from somewhere in the house. It is fun for him, but a mission for my sister to set up the sleeping arrangements, so much to get together!

So when the lovely people at Ollie & Leila got in touch and asked if Tyler would like to try out a Pirate Snuggle Sac that they sell, I was like YES! Ollie & Leila are a children’s furniture retailer that specialise in handmade children’s beds – and the furniture they do sell is beautiful, worth checking out.


The Snuggle Sac is a fleecy kid sized sleeping bag that comes in it’s own zip-up tote bag. As you can see above, Tyler was incredibly excited to bring it over to his Nana’s house.


He carried it up to Aunty Angie’s room so we could set it up. His cot mattress is now permanently on her floor as he has been staying over so much since his baby sister Honey Nut was born. The mattress is by her mirror as Tyler likes to look at himself!


The bag was easy to unzip, and inside the Snuggle Sac was rolled up.


We took it out and unrolled it, and Tyler was delighted with what he saw, a cute pirate sleeping bag. It’s so soft and fleecy, with little fleece boots hanging over the bottom. The whole thing measures 180cm x 70cm, so lots of room for for him to grow with it. And believe me, this boy is growing taller every day!


The pirate face is on the head area, which opens at the side so you can insert a pillow.

The inside of the Pirate Snuggle Sac is red and made of 100% cotton. I am glad the inside is made of cotton lining, so Tyler won’t overheat. It’s really soft and snuggly.


It unzips half way down the bag so Tyler can get in easily, and the zip itself is nice and chunky, so easy for Tyler to use.


Tyler was really excited to try it out. This photo was in the day. When Aunty Angie came home from work, he couldn’t wait to show her the new addition to her room!


That evening he slept in his Snuggle Sac all cosy and warm. What was great about it being zipped up was that he didn’t kick the covers off, like he would have if he was sleeping under a duvet.


The pirate design is so cute. I was a little worried he wouldn’t like it as he is so obsessed with trains, but he actually really liked it! The pirate is sewn on so neatly too – it’s not just printed on the fabric, there is so much detail and precision gone into creating it. I am really impressed with it.


With winter coming up, we will be using his Snuggle Sac loads – in fact I may borrow it myself hehe!

The Pirate Snuggle Sac is available to buy from Ollie & Leila for £45.

Sabrina x



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  1. This looks so awesome. I cant wait for Sylvia to come home from her holiday as one of these snuggle sacs just arrived for her! So exciting. The pirate one looks fab!


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