Baby Honey Nut | 8 weeks old

I LOVE 8 weeks! She has been sleeping through the night, going to sleep at 9.30pm, 10pm or 11pm and waking at 5.30am, 6am or 7am. Each day is different but basically the 3am/4am night feed has gone – YES! I feel like a human being again, having a full night’s sleep! She has been taking the dummy now which totally soothes her when she cries (after I’ve checked it’s not hunger or trapped wind obviously). It’s usually when she’s tired and she wants to suck to fall asleep. I am no longer afraid to go out with her now, the dummy has changed everything. We even went to the cinema and she did not make a sound, even when she was awake. Living in Slough has its benefits as I knew the cinema would be empty, so I didn’t feel nervous if she did cry. Which she didn’t anyway – phew!

The worst thing about this week has been her 8 week immunisations, it was absolutely heartbreaking when she cried in pain. But it’s for her own good, it’s better to be immunised against these diseases.


According to the Babycentre at 8 weeks: Your baby’s growing quickly, and getting stronger every day. Her head control is continuing to develop, and she may now be able to hold her head up for a few seconds as she gazes in wonder at the world around her. You may notice that your baby is suddenly fascinated by her own hands. Being able to understand that they’re a part of her, and that she can control them, is the first stage in her ability to reach out and grasp things.”

Oh yes, her little hands! She’s definitely been grabbing at muslin clothes and her clothes but it doesn’t look like it’s on purpose. Who knows, maybe it is? She’s been gazing at the world since Day 1, and that rainforest cot mobile is her most favourite thing ever! I think when she smiles in her sleep, she’s dreaming about the little animals floating around her! She is holding her head up much longer now, she seems sturdier and not as fragile as a newborn any more. She’s in Size 2 nappies now and clothes are 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

Here’s my diary for the week:

Day 56 – 8 weeks! Obviously this photo was taken before her jabs today, wah! She slept the night again and had a good day feeding and sleeping. Then we went out for the jabs at 2.30pm. It was awful, one oral dose, one jab in her left thigh (that’s the new one for meningitis) and two in right thigh (two!!) She cried and looked in my eyes crying, like she was saying “why are you doing this to me mummy?!” I had to give calpol straight away. She fed and slept the rest of the day, but 5 hours later really cried in pain, it was so sad! I’ve given more calpol and she’s sleeping in my arms now. My poor baby!

Day 57 – after yesterday’s horrible jab day, she slept fine from 9.30pm – 6am (I still can’t believe it!) and today has been the most content day for her. We stayed in as it was too hot outside, and it was basically feed, burp, play, sleep the whole day. She is so content now she has a dummy to help her nap, she is crying less and feeding better at each feed. I’d go as far to say the dummy is a life-changer! And here she is wearing her new @carters vest, it’s so light, perfect for this hot weather ☀️

Day 58 – it’s been a hot hot day for a baby, after a 5am feed she slept literally the whole day, you know that sticky sleep when you can’t wake up! We went to my parents for the afternoon and here is when she was cooing at her nana. She also seems to like the toucan on this playmat, just like she likes the toucan on her cot mobile too. Hmmm, methinks I have to find her a toucan outfit!

Day 59 – she woke at 6.30am, with Tyler waking shortly after. We had run out of milk and it was a sauna in the flat, so I thought, come on, let’s just go to Nana’s house and we can chill in the garden. So we did, and I brought her chair with me! Worth it, she was so happy looking at the sky for like 45 minutes, a total outdoorsy baby. The rest of the day we just chilled indoors, she slept and fed and I played with Tyler in between. He’s loving hide and seek at the mo!

Day 60 – Honey Nut met her birthday buddy and we had a sunny day at the park. These two share the same birthday, were born at the same hospital and their mummies were put in the same bed in the postnatal room (she was in the morning, I was in the evening) – freaky! Destined to be friends 🙂

Day 61 – I have a 2 month old! How did that happen?? I can’t believe how much her hair has grown, how steady she holds her head, the smiling and baby talk and she’s starting to drool loads – can she be teething already?! Hope not. Gone is my fragile newborn, I am loving watching her grow – even if she is a whinging drama queen like she was today, wah!

Day 62 – this one was such a sweet little angel today, I think she alternates between drama queen and angel each day! She had her first trip to the cinema – I was determined to take Tyler to see Finding Dory. Honey Nut was so good, wide awake and looking at the lights, then sleeping in my arms, had a feed and then awake and looking at the end. I was so comfortable feeding her in the cinema as its dark so no one can see you. She didn’t make a sound through the whole film. Then we went to the sandy playground in Windsor where she was happy in the baby carrier looking at the sky, ahhhh 🙂

Here she is on the train on the way to meet her birthday buddie. Yep, I’m definitely feeling more confident taking her out on little trips 🙂 ‘Little’ being the word here, we’re totally not ready for the crowds of London yet!


Sabrina x


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  1. Oh, she is absolutely beautiful! I love all her hair! My three hardly had any when they were born so I am always fascinated by babies with hair. So glad to hear you are getting more sleep. Hope it lasts! x


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