Tyler’s Last Week of Fun before Starting School!

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic and he’ll still have lots of fun even after he starts school, but at this moment to me it feel like the end of our adventures! No more days out in term time and having to squeeze in visits to Nana’s house and Agee’s house at weekends, half terms and school holidays only, all that malarkey. No more quiet days out as they’ll always be in school holiday time when everyone is off. I knew this time would come, but it’s still sad!

With Honey Nut’s arrival, we’ve had to stay in a lot more, and Tyler is becoming more of a handful – he seems to be a bit more hyper these days, so it’s probably good time that he is starting school! I had written a bucket list of things to do this summer holidays. With the help of my husband who had taken a week off work, my shiny red Toyota Yaris with Tyler’s beautiful purple Diono Radian 5 car seat, Honey Nut’s infant carrier, the pushchair, the trains and my Hauck baby carrier, we managed to tick a lot of them off.

diono radian 5

This was the list:

  • Walk to the local playground
  • Bekonscot Model Village
  • Didcot Railway Centre
  • Fruit/Veg Picking at Copas Farm
  • Walk along the river and see the swans at Windsor
  • Visit the Malt Shovel and watch canal boats at Cowley
  • Splash in the paddling pool in my parents’ garden
  • Trainspotting at Reading Station

Walk to the local playground

I thought it would be easy to go to the playground, but the reality is that it’s heavy carrying Honey Nut in the baby carrier! We made it as far as the Spar shop to get milk, that’ll do.


Bekonscot Model Village – TICK!

We went as a family with my husband, and I’m glad we did too, it was so crowded and we took it in turns to sit with Honey Nut while the other went around with Tyler. It was a beautiful day though incredibly hot and it happened to be our 7 year wedding anniversary! Tyler had the best time so it was all totally worth it for my happy happy boy 😀 (Past review here)


Didcot Railway Centre – TICK!

We went on a steam day so we could ride steam trains! Again incredibly hot, but we love trains and it was worth it for my happy boy. We must love him hey?! (Past review here)


Fruit/Veg Picking at Copas Farm – TICK!

We did this earlier on in July but unfortunately had to cut this outing short as Tyler was not feeling well, poor thing. (Past review here)


Walk along the river and see the swans at Windsor

Well we did got to Windsor, but we never get anywhere past Daniels which Tyler always walks straight to so he can browse the toy department. That day Honey Nut was hard work, she was a cry monster! Luckily it’s only 6 minutes on the train from Slough so we could get home quick.


Visit the Malt Shovel and watch canal boats at Cowley

Nope. This is by my parents’ house which we have been visiting a lot, but whenever we are here, it’s hard to want to leave as all the toys are here and we have the lovely garden, which leads to the next point…

Splash in the paddling pool in my parents’ garden – TICK! 

Going to my parents’ house each week has really kept me sane, I love being there, Tyler loves being there and my family get to spend time with Tyler and Honey Nut. Well apart from my poor sister who works in London so doesn’t get back in time to see us! The garden is beautiful and it’s been lovely to chill out there, and to take cool photos of Tyler, which you’ve probably seen in his outfit posts on Fridays.


I have been driving to my parents’ house and I am so so so glad I don’t have a Mini anymore. I feel life is soooo much easier with my new Toyota Yaris and have 4 doors and air conditioning and a camera screen for reversing and having an actual useful sized boot! How on earth did I manage before?! Having Tyler’s new Diono Radian 5 car seat has made life easier too and Tyler gets excited to get in the car as he loves sitting in it. Which gives me more time to get Honey Nut’s infant carrier in. All good! I’ll share my full thoughts on the car seat next week in my review, but I can tell you now that we LOVE it!


Trainspotting at Reading Station

Nope. I had second thoughts as actually it doesn’t sound fun at all! Instead we got on a train to Henley, with my husband, way more fun 🙂


And I have two more to add to our list…

Ickenham Miniature Railway

I took Tyler at the beginning of August while my mum looked after Honey Nut. It was such a fun day, I enjoyed it just as much as Tyler. (Past review here)


Lunch with Dada and a visit to his office

Yep, I’m counting this as a day out as Tyler loved it, and he’s asking if we can visit Dada at work again!


I’m pretty pleased with all we’ve managed to do this summer holidays! I thought with having Honey Nut, I would have to stay at home and have family take Tyler out. But I am so glad that I came out on these days out too, seeing Tyler makes me feel so happy.

There’s one week left of the summer holidays which I have no plans for, and then we have a few days out planned at the weekends in September that hopefully Tyler won’t be tired for. The first weekend we have the Ickenham Miniature Railway again, and on the second weekend we have tickets for the Vintage Steam Train on the Metropolitan Line. It’s a beautifully restored Met No. 1 steam train travelling from Wembley Park to Amersham and then there is a Heritage Day in Amersham Old Town. I am really excited for this and Tyler LOVES steam trains.

How has your summer been? I hope you’ve had lots of fun days too!

Sabrina x


31 responses to “Tyler’s Last Week of Fun before Starting School!

  1. Wow what a good summer you’ve had and with a newborn in tow too. Very impressive. I used to love a model village when I was a kid. Good luck st school little man, you’ve sure the use out of the summer xx#marvmondays


  2. You’ve done so much!! I found it a bit of a shock when i started juggling two especially when the baby is so young. My Z just wanted to do things ALL the time. It looks like you’ve have had a lot of fun over the summer. I can’t believe it’s almost time to go back! Popping over from #marvmondays 🙂 nice to meet your blog!


  3. We’re very similar (my eldest starts school on Thursday) and I definitely feel like it’s the end of an era. We’ve done a bucket list too. Some of the places on yours look fantastic. Hope everything goes smoothly for your son’s first few weeks at school x #MarvMondays


  4. Oh bless you. Tyler seems so grown up starting school next week. It sounds like you have had an amazing summer and you’ve done loads. I am really impressed especially with the arrival of Honey Nut. I don’t feel we’ve been out much at all. I hope you enjoy your last week before Tyler starts school and I really hope his first few days go well. Hugs Lucy xxxx


  5. I know exactly how you feel! Ella starts nursery school this week and I feel like its the end of an era almost. She is going three full days a week so Im hoping we’ll have a nice balance of school and routine and longer weekends. I cant believe how much you managed to pack in this summer, this is such a lovely recap, Im feeling quite inspired to do one myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


    • Aw I hope Ella settles in at nursery fine – if you want to cry, just cry. I’ve been bawling my eyes out this week, can’t believe my little baby boy is growing up so fast 😦 I’m so glad we got to do things this summer with the baby, yeah go on, do a recap, it’ll make you smile xx


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