August Me and Mine

I’m joining in with the Me and Mine project for the first time as a family of four! We’ve been quite terrible at taking family photos, and we’ve had plenty of oppurtunities to ask people to take a family photo of us with all the visitors we’ve had since baby Honey Nut was born. But of course that’s the last thing on your mind with all the cooing over her. So I used the good old self-timer on a couple of our days out in August and took these terrible photos! This one was at Bekonscot when we had lunch at one of their picnic tables.


This was on the train journey on the way to Didcot Railway Centre.


I’d say we’ve settled quite naturally into being a family of four. Of course I’ll never forget being a three, with all the happy memories we made before Honey Nut, it’s just that now she joins us on our adventures. Just like I imagined it would be 🙂

This September I will try and get a better photo of the four of us!

Have you had any better luck taking a family photo this summer?

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project

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