Sibling Style | Autumn Shades


I’ve got a little Autumn style post as the season is well and truly here, the leaves are turning brown and falling off the trees – wah! It’s not all bad, I do like the thought of snuggly jumpers and autumnal colours like mustard yellow and dark blue. So I have my first ever sibling fashion post – the first of many I hope!

I made the image above for fun and to make sure I don’t forget my graphic design skills while I’m on maternity leave. I actually miss making images like this for work – I guess it was a cool job I had eh?! So you’ll probably see a lot more images like this while I’m keeping my creative side active, and it’s what I love doing! With this image, the outfit on the left is from the M&S website, whereas the outfit on the right I photographed myself and edited on Photoshop to create a flatlay. I’m quite pleased with how it’s come out.

Anyway, back to the fashion post, here are Tyler and Honey Nut wearing their first Autumn outfits. Rather than have them wearing exactly the same, I’ve gone for similar shades to coordinate them.


Tyler is wearing a gorgeous stripy sweater from Gap that was a gift from my best friend when she visited back in July. It is so soft and light, really really comfortable to wear. The label says 5, as in age 4-5,  and it’s a good fit on Tyler, with room to grow. And believe me he is growing, I can’t believe how tiny his age 3-4 tops are on him now!


I’ve teamed it with his jogger jeans from Debenhams, which have featured on the blog before here. They still fit – I am so happy they have lasted the year as I bought them in January. And his Sketchers which are rapidly getting too small, but he still wants to wear them.


As for Honey Nut, she is wearing a sweet M&S outfit from the current range that also was a gift from another friend 🙂 It’s age 3-6 months so should last her a good few months. I love the shade of yellow, the subtle white floral print and the cute denim flower.


It comes with light blue coloured leggings to match the denim flower, which are very comfy for a baby.


How’s that for some autumn inspiration 🙂
What do you like wearing in the autumn months?

Sabrina x


18 responses to “Sibling Style | Autumn Shades

  1. Oh I love your matching but not matching, and blue and yellow is my favourite colour combination for my Pip (my husband says I’m trying to brainwash him into loving my university!). I may have to go for on a hunt for that lovely stripy top!


  2. Sibling style is just the cutest!! What adorable little outfits and colours you’ve got going on this week. I love the Yellow – it really suits both of them. I really need to check out M&S more for kids’ bits 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle and hope you’ve had a great start to the week!x


  3. Your little girl is adorable! I love the ‘matching’ outfits, and mustard and navy are great autumnal colours. Navy just goes with anything! My favourite thing to wear in these autumn months is vest tops under everythingggg lol. I love layering 🙂


  4. Matching outfits are my favouritest thing ever, I love co-ordinating my two boys. They both look absolutely fab and little lady’s getting so big! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


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