October Me and Mine

Here’s our October Me and Mine photo from when we were at the fun fair yesterday. It may not be perfect but who cares, Tyler was having the best time while Honey Nut slept through the whole thing. It was a great way to end half term, and was just what we needed after a difficult day as Honey Nut was a bit unsettled earlier on. She’s fine now though.


So looking at what the other bloggers do each month, I am meant to write about what the family have loved each month. I think that’s a lovely way to focus on the positive. So here goes.

What I have loved this October:
Making a mum friend at Tyler’s school – woohoo!
Seeing Tyler’s Harvest Assembly, it was the cutest little performance
Half term and lazy relaxing mornings with my boy again
Watching Honey Nut get more alert and seeing her laugh at Tyler
Having days out with Tyler and Honey Nut in half term – Legoland, a train day in London and the funfair
Seeing how much Honey Nut loves Rhymetime at the library
Having my brother work from home at our flat – it was nice to have company 🙂
Fixing Tyler’s lego train
Having a family day out in Windsor
The Great British Bakeoff Final
X Factor live shows and looking forward to Sat/Sun nights on the sofa with my husband!

What my husband has loved this October (his words :D):
Working from home for a few days, getting to spend just a few more hours with the family
Day out at Legoland
Day out on London Transport
Tyler’s harvest assembly
Watching honey nut become more aware and alert
Getting a big smile from honey nut when she recognises me coming home from work
Trip to the fun fair
Watching my amazing wife keep our kids alive

What Tyler has loved this October:
Half term
Legoland, the London Transport day and the miniature railway day
Getting the bus from school
Doing his Harvest assembly
Dancing around the flat with the radio turned up loud
Oddbods – his new favourite thing on YouTube
Train videos on YouTube
Building train tracks
Playing with his new friends at school, they get so excited to see each other
The funfair and all the rides

What Honey Nut has loved this October:
Watching her brother, his every move, laughing at him jumping around
Rhymetime at the library
Gazing at everything when we go on the train or bus
Her hands and putting everything in her mouth
Being entertained and sang to
Baby stretches

So that was the best of October. I’m looking forward to November and fireworks and the buildup to Christmas 🙂

Did you have a nice October?

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project


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