How I’ve done the school run with a newborn


Before Honey Nut was born, I used to really worry about how I would do the school run with a newborn. I’d worry about how I would get Tyler ready so early in the morning, look after a new baby and get them into the car on time. I would worry if I would be up all night with the baby, would I sleep through the alarm?

Well I’ve now been doing it for half a term and it’s been alright. It does help that we can walk to school, so I don’t have to worry about getting them in and out of the car and early morning traffic, finding parking etc. Honey Nut was 2 months old when Tyler started in September and she was sleeping through the night, but lately she’s been having nightfeeds again. Luckily as I’m breastfeeding her, I feed her in a zombie-like state and we both go straight back to sleep, so it’s not so bad waking up in the morning.

So here is what I have been doing:

6.30am : Alarm goes off

6.45am: Make Tyler’s sandwiches and cut fruit up

7am: Feed Honey Nut and change nappy

7.15am: Tyler wakes and goes to loo

7.30am: Tyler has breakfast in bed (usually Rice Krispie Multigrain)

7.45am: Feed Honey Nut again

8.00am: Get Tyler dressed

8.10am: Get Honey Nut in the buggy, put Tyler’s lunchbag in and get his coat and shoes on

8.15am: Set off on our walk to school

8.45am: Get to school

That’s roughly the times, it was really good in the early days, but as the term got on, things did take a bit longer and we’d get to school just in time at 8.55am. To save time I keep Honey Nut in her sleepsuit. After we get back from dropping Tyler off, then I will have a shower and get Honey Nut dressed for the day.

The hardest part is usually the 8.10am bit, and getting Tyler’s shoes and coat on. Usually Honey Nut is screaming in the buggy and Tyler is running away from me as he doesn’t want to put his jacket on or something, and my head feels like it’s going to explode! Once in a rush, we forgot to put Tyler’s shoes on and we were downstairs out of the lift and he goes “My shoes!”

When we are outside, Honey Nut is calm as she loves the outdoors and Tyler is happy walking. He walks really slow, which is why it takes half-an-hour rather than 15 minutes, but on the other hand it does make the walk more relaxing that we can take our time.

In the afternoon, I walk to the school with Honey Nut in the buggy and we all get the bus back which Tyler loves. It also means he’s less tired as he doesn’t walk back. I’m still trying to figure out a good after-school routine, as I just don’t think I’ve got that right yet.

The other thing now is that since the clocks have turned back, they are getting up earlier, like 5.45am! So there’s a bit more time to get ready, but hopefully they’ll start waking up a bit later as time goes on.

What’s your morning school-run routine like?

Sabrina x


6 responses to “How I’ve done the school run with a newborn

  1. I had The Girl 2 months after The Boy started school, and husband is at work most mornings, so had this with a newborn straight away. Fortunately we live next door to school! I used a stretchy wrap to carry her, which was a life saver. She doesn’t like it anymore though, and there’s not really room in his class for prams. So i park outside and carrier her in, then we stay to help him do “morning work” for 10 minutes. She isn’t a fan of sitting still so its a little awkward. Not too bad though. The actual getting ready part isn’t too bad, Boy is quite self sufficient so i get time to play on the internet!! #marvmondays


    • Eek you did it straightaway – that was my worst fear so I planned for Honey Nut to be born before September hehe. That’s great you live next to the school, that must be so handy. I’ve got big admiration for you doing it with a proper newborn! xx


  2. It’s a military operation isn’t it? I do packed lunch, reading and spellings the night before to make mornings less stressful! I always look a complete tramp in gym wear and a coat and a baby at the school gates! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays


    • Oh god, I haven’t got to the homework stage yet, man will definitely have to do that stuff the night before. Have that to look forward to (!) Lol, I’m sure you don’t look like a tramp! I do need to get a decent coat though! xx


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