Dorothy Perkins, Burton and Wallis opening INSIDE Tesco in Slough – death of the High Street?

Good news, we are getting a shiny, new Dorothy Perkins/Burtons/Wallis in Slough, complete with bright lights, mannequins and brand new fixtures. Weird news is – it’s not on the High Street, it’s INSIDE Tesco.


I don’t know how I feel about this. I really don’t want the High Street to die, so much so that I wrote a post on 5 reasons to shop in Slough High Street. It’s not the greatest High Street, but it’s plodding along with Select recently opening a new branch inside the old River Island, and a Sue Ryder shop opening in the old Morrisons local. But to have what used to be inside BHS which closed down nationwide, and have them decide to open in the Tesco instead, it’s just shows they have no confidence in the High Street which is a really shame.


I can’t blame them though, I have heard that the rents on the High Street are ridiculously high, so I’m guessing it saves them quite a bit being located inside Tesco, and the footfall is probably higher, and this way they don’t have their own building to look after. It’s still weird though, seeing it next to the supermarket goods, or Christmas trees at this time of year.


It’s in the old Harris + Hoole which I loved, plus a section of Tesco that used to be cards and magazines, so that’s all been moved up a couple of aisles. It is handy having it in there as I am always in Tesco – Tyler likes to go most days after school to get a Krispy Kreme donut from their shop which is on the ground floor of Tesco. Plus I do like the dresses in Dorothy Perkins.

So Tesco, are you contributing to the death of Slough High Street? Probably. Will I still shop here? Probably. I guess this is just the way shopping is going. I don’t know if this is just happening to Slough or will this be happening up and down the country also. In an case, the new Dorothy Perkins, Burtons and Wallis is opening on Wednesday 30th November.

Sabrina x


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