November Me and Mine

Wow November is over – time is really flying! Here’s is our Me and Mine photo for the month, taken at Activus soft play last weekend, first time we had been there since July!


This November we have loved:

  • Seeing the Slough fireworks display, it was the first family night out, and having a walk around Windsor with friends on the following weekend.
  • Seeing Tyler flourish at school, he’s top of the class for phonics, has made sooooo many friends, he loves going every morning so it’s not a hassle to take him, he’s started to have school dinners on Fridays and he’s become so independent, even locking the bathroom door when he goes to the loo.
  • Watching Honey Nut learn new things everyday, like stretching and grabbing anything around her with her hands, sticking her feet in her mouth when I change her nappy, getting more steady at sitting up, and babbling so loud!
  • I have loved having regular activities with Honey Nut and making mum friends who have babies at the Rhymetime sessions in the Curve and at Storytime at Windsor library.
  • I have loved having Fridays in Windsor with Honey Nut, and being posh for a day each week, and having a latte in Caffe Nero whilst looking out at the posh High Street.
  • We have loved it getting dark early, so we can have a disco every evening at 6, putting Kiss-tory on, our disco lights and having me and Tyler dancing around Honey Nut, who watches in her bouncer chair. We all love it!
  • I have loved discovering music again – I love not being addicted to crap TV anymore, instead listening to my fave 90s tunes on my iPod while I walk with Honey Nut in the buggy to pick up Tyler from school.
  • Tyler has loved getting the bus every afternoon from school, this makes his day, and he loves going to the loo in Tesco (yes he loves the loos, my little weirdo!), and then getting a chocolate iced donut from the Krispy Kreme shop.
  • Tyler is still loving Oddbods, as well as Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Digby Dragon. He watches them after school while he has his dinner, and he watches Oddbods in bed before falling asleep.
  • Both Tyler and Honey Nut have been loving board books this month. Honey Nut loves all the pictures and Tyler loves listening to me reading the stories, and getting his old baby books out for Honey Nut
  • I have loved feeling like myself again and buying new Clarks boots and 2 bright coats from La Redoute. I feel so happy walking to and from Tyler’s school, going to the baby groups and feeling good about how I look. Wow clothes really do make a difference!

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember – basically it’s been a good month. Now we are looking forward to all the Christmas-y things happening in December, it’s always a cheery month. First thing is to get the decs out!

How has your November been?

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project


4 responses to “November Me and Mine

  1. Glad to hear it’s been a lovely month for you. November absolutely blurred in one big motion for us. We have been so busy. But looking forward to a calmer time at Christmas as a family. Happy Holidays. #meandmineproject


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