Baby Christmas Gift Guide

I know most of you are pretty organised and have probably done your Christmas shopping by now. But if you haven’t, fear not, there is still time! And if you’re looking for a gift to give to a baby, I’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide based on what are Honey Nut’s favourite toys and what were Tyler’s favourite toys when he was a baby. These are tried and tested by my babies, so they are definitely good buys:


1) Bigjigs Bella Comforter  £8.99 – Honey Nut loves this comforter, it is easy to grab (she’s started grabbing it at around 4 months). She now chews the legs, the ears and the rubber triangle, and gazes at the bunny’s face. The bright colours catch her attention too, and it is really, really soft.

2) Early Learning Centre ‘Whizz World’ Magnetic Cars – Tyler loved these as a baby, and when he started to crawl at around 7 or 8 months, he’d push them along the floor as he crawled. It was adorable! It’s great that they are magnetic too, so you can make a big chain like in the photo. The ones that Tyler has are the Car Transporter £22, City Vehicle Trio £10, Emergency Vehicles Trio £10 and Construction Vehicles Trio £10. They also do pink ones, but I don’t think girls should be limited to ‘girly’ colours, these colourful ones do fine for girl babies too.

3) Lamaze My Friend Emily Doll – £7.95 – The most recent of Honey Nut’s toys that she loves SOOOO much. It is definitely her favourite. She loves the friendly face, and the crinkly sounds the fabrics make as she grabs her, the rattles around her neck, the hoops to hold on to, the legs to chew on, everything! It’s a good size too, not too small and fiddly, and it comes with a hook so I can hang it on her infant carrier when we go in the car. My parents got it from Tesco so I’ve included the link above.

4) Spinning Highchair Toy – a friend gave this for Honey Nut to use at the highchair, and so far she has been batting away at it while I feed her. It’s really useful! This one was from Mothercare but they don’t make it anymore. They have replaced it with this Safari Highchair Toy which is £12.

5) Bright Starts Chime Along Friends – £4.79 – Honey Nut has loved this since she was given it at 1 month old! Back then I would hang it at our window, put her in her bouncer chair and she would be mesmerised looking at it and hearing the chimes. The chime makes such a sweet, soothing sound and the owl’s face is so cute. Now I hang it from the arches of her playmat and she loves to grab it and chew it, and every time she bats it, the chimes sound too.

6) Bigjigs Bella Cuddly Bunny – £9.99 – As well as the comforter mentioned above, Honey Nut loves this bunny too. I keep it in her cot, and recently it’s the first thing she grabs in the morning. It’s so soft, bright and colourful and she loves looking at her face and trying to eat it (everything is going in her mouth these days!) It also makes a gentle rattle sound as it moves.

7) ELC London Bus – This was another one of Tyler’s favourite toys as a baby, it’s big and chunky, and he loved pushing it along as he crawled on the floor. His love of buses started at an early age. The only bad point was the shapes, he would get frustrated when he was a toddler as he couldn’t work out how to put the shapes in the right holes and he’d get really upset! So I suggest buying just a large London bus like this one, which is £22.

8) Waggle and Wave Farm Numbers Finger Puppet Book – £6.99 – This was Tyler’s book which he absolutely loved, and now it is Honey Nut’s favourite board book too. It is the finger puppet that gets the most attention, she franticly tries to grab it as I waggle it, and it’s such a brightly illustrated book that it catches her attention. I always thought babies were to young for being read to, but I was wrong! Honey Nut really loves looking at the pictures and listening to my voice. So bright board books are a good buy.

I hope you’ve found Honey Nut’s Christmas Gift Guide useful! I’ll be sharing Tyler’s favourite toys next as a guide for 3-4 year olds, so keep an eye out for that one.

Sabrina x


4 responses to “Baby Christmas Gift Guide

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  3. Great gift guide! Lots of lovely ideas for little ones, a few that I’ll definitely check out for our littlest as we’re not quite finished with his gifts yet. We had the lamaze doll for Ella and now the Lamaze robot which I would also definitely recommend 🙂 Great gift guide, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily


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