Christmas Gift Guide Kids Age 3-4

If you are looking for a gift to give to a 3 or 4-year-old, I have pulled together Tyler’s favourite toys, so you know these are tried, tested and well-loved!


1) Peppa Pig Phonics – I got this from B&M a couple of years ago and it is still going strong. When Tyler was 2, he just loved pressing the buttons and hearing Peppa’s voice. As the years went by, he learnt the letters, and now he is at school at 4 years old and it has really helped him pick up phonics so quickly, he’s top of his class! So I totally recommend this product. Here is the most up-to-date one which is £24.99 from Toys R Us (Click and collect in store only), or there is a Campervan version which is £14.24 from John Lewis and in Tesco.

2) Peppa Pig Campervan Playset, £30 – this has been well loved over the years, popular with friends when they have visited too. It’s great because it has the whole family and little accessories, you can pull out the awning in the roof, and it’s a good chunky size. We somehow found a blue version in Tesco 2 years ago, but the yellow one is available everywhere and it’s in the Boots 3 for 2.

3) Hot Wheels Race Case Track Set, £16.99 – this is Tyler’s most recent toy and he loves it. It’s great because he can store his cars in the box and it transforms into a track. It comes with 2 cars too, but you can use any little cars on the track.

4) Dickie Toys City Liner Tram – I think every kid has seen that Australian guy on YouTube leokim, and his video with the tram. I’ve seen it a billion times. Well one day we were in TK Maxx when Tyler was suddenly on his knees, hugging this box. It turns out it was the Dickie Toys tram from the video! I got it for £14.99. So if you’re lucky, you may find it in your local TK Maxx too.

5) Train books for mini train enthusiasts – Tyler’s faves are his ‘First book of trains‘, £4.99, it’s a soft cover book which has a page on every single type of train in really simple language. The other is the ‘Thomas & Friends: The Busy Engines Lift-the-Flap Book‘, £5.79, which is a hard cover book, with flaps to lift on every page which make it more exciting to read.

6) Toy Buses, £3 – most kids already have toy London buses, but howabout these bendy bus toys. Tyler has been obsessed with buses since starting school, so he’s now into collected little toy buses. These were £3 each from Tesco, they have their own brand and the Majorette brand in store.

7) Rubabbu Large Magnetic Numbers, £21.49 – Tyler loves playing with the numbers on his white board, he pretends to be the teacher and teaches me how to count haha. They are a really cool texture too, soft and rubbery, and brightly coloured. They are great as an educational toy.

8) Bigjigs Virgin Pendolino Wooden Train, £13.99 -Tyler ha sooooo many wooden trains, but his favourite is this one. It’s the simple one with no batteries or sound buttons, just one where he can push it along the track himself and looks like a high speed train. Because that’s exactly how kids like to play with trains, pushing them along the tracks themselves.

9) VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera, £44.99 – every blogger’s child is going to be a camera nut, it’s inevitable! Tyler was constantly taking photos on my phone and camera (and he’s quite good too!), so I got him this VTech one which he loves. It’s sturdy, easy to use, can take little videos and you can add stickers to your photos. Plus there’s a cool racing car game that he likes to play on it too.

10) Handheld Mini Disco Light, £3 – this little disco light from Tiger is amazing, you press the button and you instantly have a disco in your room. Tyler loves waving it around when we have an evening boogie before he goes to bed. It’s so much fun!

11) Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Railway Builder Bucket, £23.63 – this is the best set of tracks to get for Thomas trains, as it’s very neat. They all fit in the bucket, and the roof of the bucket acts as the centre of the track when you build it. It comes with a leaflet that has 4 suggested track layouts, but you can make lots of different ones and combine it with other Thomas tracks and bridges. It’s really useful!

So that is Tyler’s guide to Christmas Gifts for 3 to 4-year-olds. Hope it helps! If you need a gift for a baby, do check out my Baby Christmas Gift Guide, and for some Home inspiration look at my Blogger Christmas Wishlist.

Sabrina x




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