Bumbo Multi Seat | Review

I’ve been weaning Lily for about 2 months now, and she’s been sitting at the highchair, on the floor or on the sofa when I’ve been feeding her. It does get quite messy, and sometimes I can’t be bothered to set the highchair up. Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the new Bumbo Multi Seat, which I absolutely LOVE! There’s nothing to set up, and as soon as I took it out of the box, I saw the bright pop of yellow – it was just so wow.


I’ll tell you a bit more about the seat. You probably know about the old Bumbo seat, that was rubbery and you put the baby in it on the floor. I had a greeny-blue one for Tyler that I used between age 4-6 months. Well, this seat is completely different – it’s a multi-seat that GROWS as your baby grows.

It has a sturdy plastic outer, a removable foam cushion, chair straps, 3-point harness and a tray, so that it can morph into three seat stages – floor, feeding and booster. It can be made slightly higher or lower with the grey height-adjustable base at the bottom. There are also rubber bits on the base so that it doesn’t slide on the floor.


I’ll show you floor mode first, which is suitable for babies from 6 months who are able to sit upright. Lily fits in it quite comfortably, and the harness straps give that extra security that she won’t fall out. You can adjust the straps to make them tighter or looser.


What I see as a bonus is there is a plastic tray attached to the base, that you can take off by squeezing the dark grey button. It’s really cumbersome to have a big tray lying around when you are not using it, so I love this space-saving idea.


The tray slots in to the front of the bit between the legs. It comes up quite close to Lily’s tummy, so if you have a chunkier baby, it may be a bit snug.


It is a compact tray, good for putting finger food on.


Next I’ll show you the main way we have been using this seat, and that is at the kitchen table, so she feels like she is one of us! The Bumbo Multi Seat attaches to a chair using the straps on the sides.


You can adjust the straps to make them tight around the chair. The chair has to have minimum dimensions of 38cm x 35cm on the seat and 30cm height on the back of the chair.

It does feel really secure, and Lily absolutely loves sitting at the table like a big girl.


It goes really well with my kitchen too!


To put it away, you just unbuckle the straps (after you take the baby out!), take the grey plastic base off and pull the straps back inside.


The third mode of the Bumbo Multi Seat is the toddler one, where you can take the yellow rubber insert off and store it inside the seat (another great space-saving idea!). Bumbo says to use the safety harness until the child is around 2 and 1/2 years old, when he/she can get in and out of the seat without help.

What I really like about the Bumbo Multi Seat is how portable it is, so I can easily take it to my parents’ house and feed Lily there without having to worry about not having a highchair there. It fits in one of the supermarket shopper bags, which is great!


The other good thing I find is how easy it is to pick up with ONE hand and move from room to room, while holding Lily on my hip. This is so useful, compared to another leading brand that I have to pick up with both hands – such a pain!

I have used this seat so much at my parents, I can really recommend it as a seat you take with you when visiting friends and family.


My verdict : Very sturdy seat, great to seat baby at the table and for taking to other people’s houses when visiting. And I LOVE how bright, colourful it is. 

Here are all the colours they have available:


It is £49.99 and you can more information and where to buy it on the Bumbo website: www.bumbo.co.uk

Sabrina x

Disclosure: I was sent a Bumbo Multi Seat free of charge for the purpose of this review, but these are all my honest thoughts and opinions.







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