Free Lego Duplo Children’s Sessions in Slough

I know I seem to go on about the Curve, like there is nothing else in Slough! But I HAD to share with you a great weekly session they have for children under 5. Every Wednesday at 11.30am, children can play with Lego Duplo in the kids library at the Curve. It is free of charge and it is amazing, there is sooooooo much Duplo, vehicles and shapes you would not have known existed. I think the parents have just as much fun as the kids!


Most parents come for Music and Storytime at 10.30am, which is half-an-hour, and usually the ones with babies (me included) nip off after this as it is lunchtime for babies around 11.30/12pm. But yesterday I had Tyler with me, as he had an authorised day off school (yippee!) So we hung around after the music session for half-an-hour, reading books and watching buses out of the window.


So at 11.30am, a library worker comes over with a huge blue sack and asks to clear the central rug. The kids move out of the way, and here she opens up the magic bag of Duplo!


On this particular day there was one sack, but when we came in Half Term there were two sacks, so maybe it depends on demand. One sack was enough for this day anyhow, and there was a plastic box with Duplo vehicles – planes, boats, cars, vans, trains, trailers – and two little plastic boxes with Duplo people.


The kids all dive it, and it’s pretty manic. On this day the age range I would say was 1 and 2 year-olds, and they all seemed to love it. Some stayed around the rug to play and pick pieces out of the sacks. Others took pieces they wanted and sat a bit further back to have more space – I would recommend this!


Tyler was happy driving a van around, then a circus trailer, an ambulance, then a tractor and a plane! Lily was happy just picking up different pieces and crawling around.


This session was half-an-hour, but sometimes it runs for an hour, and it’s drop-in, so you don’t have to come 11.30am on the dot. But if you want to get a good spot around the sack, you might want to come early.


When it came to 12pm, all the kids and parents started tidying up – they are obviously regulars! And so organised too, all the blocks went back in the bag, vehicles in the big box and people in the little boxes. Very tidy children! It was all tidied away in less than 5 minutes.

After this Tyler needed the loo, so went to the family WC which is on the same floor, and it’s great! So new and clean (please residents, lets keep it that way!) and there is an adult loo, toddler-sized loo and baby-change unit all in this one room.

When we came out, Tyler ran around the corner to get his jacket which was in the buggy park, as he was really excited to that we were going to get lunch. And I am really annoyed at what happened next. This older library worker says to him in a stern voice “No running!” and then comes up to me with Lily on my hip, and tells me off! “No running, there are young children” I just said “Yeah, yeah” thinking just ignore her, but actually this really pissed me off!

One, I’m not the sort of mum that lets my children run around the library, he was simply excited to get his coat. Two, I am clearly carrying a baby as I walk after Tyler, what was I supposed to do, run after him?! Yell at him?! Three, My Tyler is the gentlest child ever, as you guys will know if you follow my blog, he would not hurt a fly, and he would certainly not run into young children, he is very careful around them, finding them cute.

Now I’m a confident person, so her judgemental comment does not affect me, but for some mums, being a parent of two or more young children is REALLY hard, and just to get out of the house and do an activity with them is a big achievement. Some mums don’t leave the house as they are too nervous, afraid of being judged, children playing up, people looking. So for this library worker to make unneccessary comments like this, it could really bring a mum down and even make them nervous to go out in public again. This is why I feel pissed off! It was International Women’s Day as well, can we not stop judging and help each other instead?!

So this library worker is a slim Asian lady, straight black hair, fifties, well-spoken accent and condescending air. I have seen her before having a go at a mum who had taken her shoes off back in October “Put your shoes back on!” she told her off as if she was a teacher! All the other library workers are amazing, so friendly and happy, but this one if you see here, steer cleer!!

Anyway, rant over.

The Lego Duplo sessions are great if you have an under-5 child and stuck for an activity. This keeps them entertained and also teaches them to share. I really recommend it!


Lego Duplo Session for Under 5s
Every Wednesday, 11.30am
The Curve, Slough

Hope you found this post useful. If you know of any other local activities for children in the Slough area, do let me know.

Sabrina x

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