School Diaries | What Tyler Learnt in Reception #3

It’s been two weeks since Half Term and we are back in the swing of things. The latest things that Tyler and his class have been learning about, according to Tyler, is Red Riding Hood, playing Shoe Shop, phonics and counting to 100. And of course there was World Book Day last week, where all the kiddies in the whole school dressed up as their favourite character from a book. There were loads of princesses and superheroes, but Tyler chose to be a Minion (well, he has got a King Bob Minions book!)


For the first time last week, he got a reading book in his homework bag that had words in it! I know all children are learning at different levels and some children in Reception may or may not be reading already, but for me I was so proud of him that he has moved on to this reading stage! It was simple sentences like “Tom got a pot” and Tyler read it phonetically – “Teh – ohhh- mmmm. Tom.” and so on. And he really enjoyed it too. This week we have the book “Bob’s Bug” to read at home.

Other things he has been saying are:

“First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth”

Counting from 1 to 100.

Counting in twos -2,4,6,8,10

When I ask him what phonics he has learnt today, he said “ahh ahh, buh buh, kuh kuh, duh duh” and so on until Z. He said that were learning Big A, Little A, so it sounds like they were reading the big and little letters of the alphabet.

“Nnnnn, ohh. No. Guh, ohh. Go. I.” Some words they learnt in Phonics class on Monday. I never really thought of “I” as a word, but I guess it is one!

The shoe shop one is funny. Last week my mother-in-law was round, and when Tyler got in from school, he said to her “I like your shoes!!” It was the most random comment, as he never says things like this normally. And then later that evening he said they had been playing shoe shop at school!

He has been singing this phonics song, where there is a different song for each letter! Things like “Bring your bat and bring your ball, buh. buh” “I have a castanet. Kuh, kuh” And there are drums for “duh” with arm movements. He sang the whole alphabet, 26 little tunes. I really should video it as I can’t remember them all!

That’s all for this update.

What has your child been learning at school this week? I’d really love it hear, it’s so interesting to hear what is being taught at different schools.

Sabrina x


9 responses to “School Diaries | What Tyler Learnt in Reception #3

  1. hi there, I read your article about Slough whilst googling the place as it seems the only affordable place compared to London prices.

    Are you still living there, if so will you still recommend it?? which in your view is better Slough or langley….. we are londoners who are moving outside London for the first time… so help… please….



    • Hiya, yes we still live here and we’re really happy here. I would recommend Slough around the town centre, so at least you can still walk to everything you need, the high street, train/bus station, and get into London easily. There are loads of new builds that are really stylish inside, so you still get a feel of city life. Langley is nice, lots of houses, you got the canal, Bloom Park, lots of schools and there are local shops. The trains that stop at Langley stop at all the stations. At least from Slough you can get a fast train into London. Hope that helps!


      • You are a STAR, thank you very much for your input.
        Still, I keep getting all these negative comments about Slough online with some describing it using words I will not repeat here out of respect to others who may come across this.

        have shortlisted four houses, two in langley, and will take the opportunity to visit the area at different times so get the feel of it.

        people keep slagging off slough but the same can be said about affluent areas in London…… so time to see it for myself.

        thanks again and I genuinely hope others googling information about slough would read this.
        p.s. will keep you posted …..

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      • You’re so welcome! Oh I know, people are always slagging off Slough, but every town has it’s bad bits, it’s not fair on the good people who live here. One thing I would say is I wouldn’t go out around here in the dark, you have to stay safe. Oh well, I will keep on writing about the good stuff! That’s a good idea to visit at different times of the day. Good luck with your house-hunting x


  2. It sounds like a good week and seeing kids crack phonics and reading is great. I remember when my eldest started reading menus or signs and being so proud!! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays xx


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