Baby Groups and Activities in Slough (Central)

There are lots of activities and things to do for toddlers in Slough, but not so much for babies. Since I started taking Lily out to baby and toddler groups, I thought I’d put together a list of groups and activities in Central Slough that are suitable for little babies, and what I honestly thought of each one. Hopefully local mums will find this useful.


10.30am – 11am: Story and Music Time – The Curve (off Slough High Street) – FREE
This is at Slough’s new library in the childrens library on the first floor. Lily loves it, there is so much light flooding in from the windows that it’s nice and bright here. There’s some seating around the edges, or you can sit on the floor, there’s a large childrens rug in the centre. Two library members of staff take the session, they read one story and then play songs to singalong with from their music player. There are coloured scarves to use with the songs. It’s mostly toddlers here, but a quite a few young babies too. Lily loves watching the toddlers jumping around and dancing. You can put your baby down on the rug, but just be careful with the toddlers and the mums chasing after their toddlers, make sure no one steps on your baby – that is the only downside!

9.30am – 11am: Mum and Tots Group – St Mary’s Church, Church Street SL1 1PJ – £1
I had been taking Tyler to this group since we moved here. It costs £1 and there’s loads of toys to play with, you can have a cup of tea and biscuits and then there are songs at the end. There is an area specially for babies on one side, with baby mats and toys. I have not taken Lily as she prefers the library session which is at the same time, but this is a good second option. It’s a great place to meet other mums too.
EDIT: I now take Lily every Monday, since she started crawling, she prefers playing with toys and other children to the library. She especially likes the cars and the ball pit!

1pm – 2.30pm: Baby Group – Chalvey Grove Children’s Centre, SL1 2TE – 50p per person
I went to this a couple of times with Lily. There’s no need to book, you just turn up. It’s set in a room where you sit in a circle on the floor with the other mums to chat, and there’s some rattles for the babies to play with. Even though it’s a big room, the area set up for the mums and babies to sit is a bit cramped, and Lily didn’t really enjoy it, being in a squashed space. I felt like it was paying £1 to chat to other mums, I didn’t really get much out of it.

9.30am – 11am: Stay and Play – Elliman Avenue Children’s Centre, Elliman Avenue SL2 5BA – 50p per person
This is a stay and play session that you have a book a place at by phone on the day, as they can only fit around 10 children in. You call from 8.45am on 01753 896688. It’s a room that’s like a nursery with lots of toys and activities for children, with a little child-size loo inside too. There’s an outside area with outdoor toys, Little Tikes cars, water play tables. For babies, they have set up an area inside with cushions, baby rattles and the like. At the end of the session, the toddlers have fruit and water and then a story is read to all the children. I took Lily when she was a newborn, but I am waiting for her to be able to sit up on her own before I take her again, as I feel this is more enjoyable if your baby can interact more, say from 5 months onwards.

10am – 11.15am: Tuesday Break – Slough Baptist Church, Windsor Road
I haven’t been but I have heard mums love this one as it’s one where the children are looked after in a creche, but the parents get to chat in another room while there’s a different talk each week – hence it’s a ‘break’. There are two separate creches, one for under 2s and the other for 2s and over.

10am – 11.30am: Baby Group – Yew Tree Road Children’s Centre, SL1 2AR – Book a place on 01753 527571
I haven’t actually attended this one, so I can’t comment on how it is yet.

10.30am – 11am: Story and Music Time – The Curve (off Slough High Street) – FREE
The same as Monday’s session, but way more busier. I think this one is more popular as it’s followed by a free Lego session for pre-school children at 11.30am.

10am – 11.30am: Trinity Tots, Trinity Church, 106 Windsor Road – £1
This group is run by Bernie and it’s brilliant. Costs £1 to cover refreshments – tea, coffee, cake, biscuits, popcorn – lots of toys for the kids to play with and an interactive singing session at the end.

10am – 11.30am: Mum and Tots Group – The Salvation Army, Stoke Road, SL2 5BW – £1.50 CLOSED
This group is inside a carpeted room that has recently had a makeover done by Azko Nobel with a gorgeous mural – it’s so colourful! There are a variety of toys for the children to play with, cars, dolls pushchairs, little tikes cars, walkers, baby toys. Chairs are placed along the walls for the mums to sit and chat with other mums. At the end of the session, tables and little chairs are set up for toddlers to have fruit and snacks, while the mums have tea and biscuits. Then they all sit on a mat to sing songs. I found the ladies who run the group very welcoming. The only thing is if you have a really young baby, they are on your lap the whole time, as you can’t really lie a baby down on the carpet.

EDIT: I have been informed that this playgroup no longer runs.

10.30am – 11am: Story and Music Time – Wexham Road Children’s Centre and Library, behind Iqra Primary School, off Wexham Road SL2 5JW – FREE
This is the same as the music time at The Curve but in a more intimate setting so more suitable for young babies as you don’t have to worry about your baby being trampled on. But, it is in what seems to be someone’s office, a very small window-less room with 8 chairs set in a circle. As there are only 8 mums, it’s very quiet. The atmosphere is completely different to the Curve sessions. I think this should be in a different room personally, somewhere where there are colours and toys and kids chairs. It’s all a bit clinical so I’m not sure about this one!

10-15am – 11.45am: Coffee Pot  Club – Slough Baptist Church, Windsor Road – £1
A very popular playgroup, with a real community feel. Lots of toys, great selection of cakes and snacks, tea, coffee, and a singing session at the end. They sometimes even have a giant soft play ball pit here.

2pm – 2.30pm: Story and Music Time – The Curve (off Slough High Street) – FREE
Same as the Monday and Wednesday session if you prefer an afternoon one.

So those are a few activities for babies. I really am not impressed with the services or lack of services provided by the childrens centres in Slough. I have to have a rant. Having been to the centres in Lambeth, Hillingdon and Ealing boroughs with Tyler, they offer so much more for babies. I think EVERY children’s centre in Slough each week should have at least one Baby Stay and Play, specifically for babies up to 10 months old, two Stay and Play sessions for children up to age 5, Messy Play sessions, each centre should have it’s own Sensory room for babies, there should be rhymetime sessions for babies – this is all provided in other boroughs.

My nearest children centre is the Elliman Avenue one, and it looks like you are entering a prison, it’s surrounded by a wired fence, a wired door, then a metal fence around the playground bit – it’s terribly unwelcoming from the outside! Why on earth it looks like this is bewildering to me. Then added to this, the fact they charge for sessions is rubbish too, what are you paying for, babies don’t eat the fruit! Wexham Road childrens centre is tiny. It looks as though these centres are catering for those children who take the free 15 hours childcare from 2 years old, and no one else. It’s rubbish!

Ok rant over.

If you know of any other baby activities in the Slough or surrounding area, please do let me know in the comments. And if you are not from the area, I’d still love to hear where you take your baby in your area.

Sabrina x


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  3. Farnham common village hall on Fridays 10:30- 12pm ish . They have toddler area and baby separate area they Singh and do stories and dance. I love it there. It’s free but they offer tea and coffee, water and juice, biscuits and cakes 🙂


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