Jungle Run Kids Birthday Party | Montem Leisure Centre, Slough

If you are looking for a venue for your child’s birthday party, I wrote up 12 ideas, which you can read here. We just had a Jungle Run birthday party at Montem Leisure Centre in Slough last weekend, and I just have to say, it was AMAZING! It seriously was such a good party that I want to do it again next year, and for my birthday and Lily’s birthday, it was so much fun.


Montem Leisure Centre is just off the Bath Road, on Montem Lane, so quite a central Slough location. We had booked the 11am slot, full party package for 30 children which includes two inflatable assault courses with a party host, and 5 Papa Johns pizzas plus jugs of squash. The inflatables were for 1 hour followed by lunch in the party room for 45 minutes. This all came to £250.


We arrived at 10.30am to set up in the party room as I had party hats and horns, some balloons to blow up, the cake to bring in and some sandwiches platters and drinks we had made for the parents. We were greeted by our party host, a really friendly young girl, who made up the jugs of squash and said basically she would play with the kids on the inflatables. She answered any questions we had and helped us carry our stuff in.

The party was set up downstairs at Montem Leisure Centre, and in the sports hall there were two HUGE inflatables set up. It looked amazing! The first guests arrived a little early, but it was fine as the kids could go on the inflatables right away.


There was a table set up at the side for squash and presents, and a row of chairs for parents to sit. I also made up a baby area with Tyler’s car mat and some building blocks as I knew a few babies would be coming. This was a success, as the big kids played on here too!


After an hour of bouncing around, diving down the slides and collapsing in a heap at the bottom (that’s the kids, not me!), the host called out that the pizzas had arrived. It was right on time, 12pm. I rounded the kids up, and got them to sit in front of the inflatables for a group photo. After a few trips to the loos, which were next door, I led everyone to our party room which was down the end of the corridor.


The room was already decorated for us, and the tables set up with party tablecovers and plates. I just added party hats, horns and glowsticks. It’s a really colourful and bright room, for one that has no windows. There were sofa seats in the corner for the parents with a big table, and on the other side were another two tables, one for the cake and one where we set up our sandwich platters and drinks. The only thing I would criticise was how tatty and wobbly the chairs were – as you can see in the photo there was the plastic orange type, some folding chairs and some old cushioned chairs. But the kids didn’t notice this, they were too excited!

One thing I realised too late was that we didn’t have any party music. There was a TV and speakers in the room, so I think you can have music if you organise it. Again, the kids didn’t notice, we could just hear excited chatter amongst them. For this part of the party, we did not have the host. We dished out the pizzas on to the plates and as there were 5 adult size pizzas, there were 3 boxes left for the adults. So we didn’t need those sandwich platters! The pizzas were deeeeelicous. I’d never had Papa Johns pizza before, but I’d definitely get some again. They were cheese and tomato pizzas with garlic dip, and they were so soft and hot, like they’d just been cooked. Great timing by the venue.

We were a bit short of time as we were late getting into the room due to the group photo and loo breaks, so at 12.35 we did the cake, singing happy birthday and cutting the cake. Then my husband and I did a frantic cutting of cake slices, wrapping in napkins and putting them in party bags (which I had made up at home). The kids were queueing up for party bags – oh the pressure! The next party was at 1pm, so we really had to be out of there!

Anyway, we managed it! Everyone left around 12.50, and we jut had to take all our stuff and the presents back to the car (two cars – mine and my sister’s). It’s so good that the venue have a car park right next door.


And that was how our Jungle Run party went. We LOVED it, I really recommend it.

If you are interested in having a Jungle Run party, give Montem Leisure Centre a call. Since I wrote this post they are run by Everyone Active, so the package prices are different now – food is not included and there is no longer a host provided.

Have fun planning your kid’s birthday party!

Sabrina x

Disclosure: I have NOT been paid to write this, we paid £250 for the party and I just wanted to share a good party venue with you :}

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