The Siblings Project | May 2017

This past month has been an interesting one for these two siblings. You know every month I say they get along, they really love each other – well nothing has changed there… except maybe a little bit of sibling rivalry. Yes it has begun. Whatever toy Tyler is playing with, Lily is there. If Tyler is building a train track, Lily is there wrecking it and I hear him whining “Mummy, move Lily!” in his most whiniest voice. Agh! It’s not all the time, sometimes they still play together nicely. Like with the Playdoh. Lily was just happy to stand at the table and laugh, tentatively touching the Playdoh – it is a weird texture to her.


She’s pretty much obsessed with Tyler, and this month she has started to say his name “Ty-ya! Ty-ya!” It’s adorable!


The happiness on her face when she sees him after school is priceless. If she is upset, Tyler can always cheer her up. They are sharing a room now, and sometimes Tyler wants Lily to sleep next to him. In fact the other weekend he had a daytime nap and they both fell asleep next to each other, it was really cute.


This is the two of them at the London Transport Museum Depot Day – you can see how much Lily has grown, she’s not looking so tiny next to Tyler these days.

It’s getting more exciting these days the more active Lily gets, watching them together, soon she’ll be chatting with her brother! But for now, it’s quite amusing seeing her annoy him, haha!

Sabrina x


2 responses to “The Siblings Project | May 2017

  1. It must be frustrating for the older sibling when the little one suddenly is able to interfere more with what they’re playing with and yet not quite big enough to play well with them! It is lovely when they play happily together though. I love that Lily is now saying “Ty-ya!” – that baby mispronunciation is so cute. Sophie used to call Jessica “Jekka” but now says her name correctly. Part of me misses hearing the old pronunciation! #siblingsproject


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