The Siblings Project | June 2017

Sibling love and sibling rivalry – such fun and games! One minute they are hugging each other, the next its “Lily, no!” when she grabbing Tyler’s toys. He is good, he does share with her, it’s just that she wants whatever toy is in his hand. I try to distract her, but once she has her eye on something, nothing will stop her!


Sometimes I find it funny, how can something so little cause so much destruction (seriously, she can make a mess!), and other times I’m like, ahhh just get along and give me some peace! But mostly they will happily play together for ages. It will go all quiet and I think, where are they? And then I find them playing with the toys in the bedroom, it’s a huge mess, but I don’t care as I love seeing them happy together.


They had lots of adventures this month, and Tyler loves having his sister come along. Lily is like the most important thing to bring! We’ve been to Southend on the train, tube journeys to London, and bus journeys to Uxbridge. And then there’s been after school fun and weekends at the grandparents too, mostly involving ice cream!


They’ve been driving cars up and down Nana’s driveway, Tyler in his mini cooper and me pushing Lily in the little tikes car – she loves it!


Lily’s eyes follow Tyler everywhere, she’s obsessed. She plays rough with him too, she pulls his hair and slaps him. I have no idea where she learnt this from! This mostly happens when Tyler is on the iPad at Nana’s house watching Little Baby Bum, and she wants to touch the screen and she’s climbing over him to get to the screen!


Every time she pulls his hair, I go, ‘No, gentle’ and show her to stroke his hair instead, and it works. She is getting more gentle this week. Tyler doesn’t seem to mind, he finds it amusing – such a good brother! He does like to tell her off though, in his really loud and authoritative teacher voice. He waggles his finger going “Lily, no. You don’t do that. You should do this”


They are also getting to like having baths together again. Lily was afraid of the water for the past few months since she fell once, so she had been crying quite badly every time I gave her a bath. But she’s happy again, and Tyler always wants to play with Lily at bath time with all the bath toys and water squirters.

So that’s the last siblings update before Lily turns 1 (What?!?) I don’t think much will change, let’s just hope they keep getting along!

Sabrina x


2 responses to “The Siblings Project | June 2017

  1. LOVE the photo of them with the doughnuts, and where Tyler’s giving Lily some ice-cream – sooooo cute! It must be so precious for you seeing them together 🙂

    Would you do a post on how you’ve helped them manage their relationship and get on with each other? I’ve a little girl expecting a baby sis in a matter of weeks, I’d appreciate any tips you have!

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    • Ahhh it is lovely seeing them so happy together 🙂 I must admit I am very lucky with Tyler as he’s such a gentle natured boy, but that is a good idea for a post – I will have a think!

      Exciting times for you, that was me this time last year! Top of my head, what I remember is to stop any jealousy starting, when you have visitors coming to see your new baby, make sure they say hello and bring a little gift for your older child first (like a kids magazine or something) And get her involved with helping you with the baby, like her getting a nappy out for you, little things like that. Good luck! xxx


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