Baby’s 1st Birthday Photo Props

My baby girl is turning ONE is less than a week! Suddenly it dawned on me that she has to wear something special on the day – think of all of the photos we could take!

Which of course made me think about photo props and all that.

You know in the US they do cake smash photo shoots – well, I’m NOT doing that, what a waste of cake! But the outfits and decorations they do are so cool. I’ve been having a look at what’s available in the UK, and here is what I have found (sorry if you’re not into pink or have a boy – I’m sure you can adapt the colours to your taste).


Online, mostly it’s from Amazon and eBay as that’s the best place for American style things, BUT have a look on the high street and you can find some bargains in places like Poundland – I may have gone a little crazy in there this morning!

So first of all, you have to have a cute outfit that’s got a floucy tutu skirt and a ‘one’ printed on the top. And of course a teeny tiny party hat!

1st Birthday Tutu Outfit – £15.49 – Molly and Max Boutique on eBay

1st Birthday Hat – £9 – Paper Arrow Apparel on etsy

Decorations – Poms poms seems to be all over Instagram. I’m sure you can make them yourself with tissue paper, but if not, there’s loads online, and even for just £1 in Poundland!

1st Birthday Pom Poms – £7.99 – the party store girl, eBay

Then I found these amazing confetti filled clear balloons, so different from the usual plain pink balloons. They can be filled with helium or normal air. I just love them!

Confetti Filled Balloons – £3.49 – Ginger Ray, Amazon

A giant number 1 balloon is obligatory.

Giant Number 1 Balloon Rose Gold – £4.84 – Amscan, Amazon

And then this bunting, how stylish will this look in the background?!

Happy 1st Birthday Bunting – £8.99 – Ginger Ray, Amazon or £4.99 in New Look!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little rainbow unicorn style tutu outfit. I would sooooo get this for Lily except it’s handmade to order, so I wouldn’t get it until mid- July. Doh! Why did I not think of ordering this stuff earlier!?!

Rainbow 1st Birthday Tutu Outfit – £24.99 – Baby Party Bits on eBay

This cake topper in this calligraphy font that is oh so on trend at the mo.

1st Birthday Cake Topper – £6.98 – Innoru, Amazon

And more pom poms! These ones are huge, I can imagine surrounding Lily in them.

Giant Tissue Pom Poms – £9.99 – Lights4Fun, Amazon


30cm Tissue Pom Poms 3-pack – £1 – Poundland

Now all of this adds up to a LOT of cash, so I was thinking to try and make as many decorations as I can. I have ordered the outfit and hat because, hey, baby girl only turns ONE once! THEN I went into Poundland and found so much, all coming to just £8! Go to the party aisle and look at the wedding section, I can’t believe the gorgeous things they are selling. Then there are baby shower bits, baby milestone cards! Anyway, here is what I got:

18 Pink Princess Balloons – £1
Diamonte Stickers – £1
Battery powered LED Lights – £1
2 packs of 3 Pink Flower Pom Poms 30cm – £2
1 pack of 3 Ivory Flower Pom Poms 30cm – £1
Pearl Garland – £1
Mini Wands – £1

EDIT: I found loads on Ginger Ray party stuff in New Look and they are much cheaper in there. Go go go!

This photoshoot was ace! I bought a giant number 1 balloon with helium in it from one of our local party shops. Have a look at the photos here!

Have you any other ideas? Let me know!

Sabrina x


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