Me and Mine | July 2017

This has been the most amazing month EVER! We have had wedding parties, end of school, days out and a birthday party, a mini holiday and a friends reunion for me – lots of stuff!


What I have loved this month: 

I have loved the wedding fever of my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding – the most beautiful sunny day for their London reception, the family getting together, it was the most amazing day. Then our trip to Scotland for their Scottish reception, having a mini holiday in a stylish apartment, I loved seeing the boys in their kilts, seeing the kids joining in with the dancing and enjoying themselves. I loved the luxury of Kinross House, so regal and glamorous, it was like living another life! In ‘normal’ life, this was Lily’s first month as a one-year-old and I have loved watching her turn into a toddler, her walking like a drunk person, her babbling in her sweet voice, her crazy laugh. I have loved the sunny days out with friends at Saville Garden, Virginia Water and in good old Clapham for a birthday party. Though sad that it was the end of Reception at school, I loved all the excitement of end of term, seeing my boy pick up a prize, having an afternoon doing art with him in his classroom, and having a celebratory Nandos on the last day. Plus the lie ins are good too 😉 And I loved seeing my uni friends for a reunion – though our time together was far too short! Oh, and I LOVE my new camera which I got at the beginning of the month, it’s changed my life! It’s a Canon Mark 2 G7X and I can’t stop playing with it – you may have noticed the increase in videos I am making hehe.

What G has loved this month:

Weddings, getting dressed up with my little boy, Tyler starting his summer holidays, Game of Thrones back on TV. Pre-season training (football)

What Tyler has loved this month:

Tyler has loved ticking more buses of his bus-ket list, getting the Edinburgh tram to the airport, all the wedding excitement and dancing, getting dressed up, hanging out with his uncle and aunty even more this month, ice creams with flake, his Cars 3 toys, reading his books – like proper reading by himself!, saying “Well, that didn’t work!” and “Hang on a minute!” ALL the time and of course going to Nana and Grandpa’s house.

What Lily has loved this month:

Lily has loved walking, sitting and swinging her legs, ‘reading’ books, babbling and laughing, being outside and the new-found ability to walk and climb everywhere, being driven around in the Little Tikes car in Nana’s driveway, dipping rich tea biscuits in my teas or coffees, shoes and bringing me and Tyler our shoes ALL the time, saying “shuuuu shuuuu” – she REALLY loves shoes.

July has been AMAZING, I am sad it’s over. August, please don’t go by too quickly, I want to have more fun with my family!

Sabrina x



9 responses to “Me and Mine | July 2017

  1. It certainly sounds like July was an amazing month. Love your family shots from your brother and sister-in-law’s wedding and their Scottish reception, you all look so happy. Hope that August will also be an amazing month for you all. #meandmineproject


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