Anniversary Gift Ideas with UncommonGoods

You may have noticed lately that wedding fever has taken over in my family recently, thanks to my brother’s wedding. They went all out with the glamour, and it was so much fun getting dressed up and glam, wearing make-up and jewellery, painting my nails – you know as a parent, you hardly get to do these things anymore. It was a real treat! But in all the madness, I realised we had not got my brother and new sister-in-law a wedding gift yet. Don’t worry though, the gift is to come! I came across this really interesting online store called UncommonGoods that have some really unique gift ideas. Similar to Not on The High Street, but better in my opinion. All the products are handmade, none of their products contain leather, feather or fur, and the company give back – for each purchase, a donation is given to a non-profit organisation of your choice. They are based in the US but deliver to the UK, which makes it even better – you know that the gift will be unique.

This is my personal favourite from their wedding gift choices – a personalised push-pin map print. I think this is PERFECT. They still have lots of travelling to do together, so this is nice to mark countries they have been to, even pin photos of the places they visit.


Speaking of weddings, our 8 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon – that kind of snuck up on us, it’s in just two weeks. How on earth have we been married 8 YEARS?!?! I remember our wedding day like yesterday. I had to have a browse for anniversary gift ideas. And then, you know you can’t NOT look at baby stuff when you are shopping (even though Lily is now officially a toddler – noooo!) but you HAVE to have a look. I mean, check out this taco mobile – that’s right, a TACO MOBILE! You will not find this on the UK high street!



And lol, I’ve just showed it to my husband, he goes “Ohhh can we get it for our bed?” – haha, I think I have our anniversary gift sorted 😉

And how about these birth announcement cushions, aren’t they just awesome?!


Now, back to anniversary gifts, there are lots of beautiful journals and personalised prints, really gorgeous stuff. I find when you are married, you do tend to buy each other stuff for the home, as that’s your little nest – your home together.

This family print is cute, the designers have a menu where you can choose your characters and skin tone – and there’s loads to choose from.


I love the idea of this tree, and hanging our names and our kids’ names from the branches.


This is nice and colourful – a simple idea too, called a ‘Wishing Wall‘ where you write wishes on the notes and pop them on the wall. Great for dropping hints to the other half 😉


And how cute is this ‘What I Love About You by Me‘ book – you fill it in yourself. Remind me of the silly notes we’d write each other when we were dating.


There is soooo much more, honestly, go have a look at the UncommonGoods website, you’ll be browsing for ages!

And if you want even more anniversary gift ideas, here are 50 Gift Ideas for the 50th Wedding Anniversary – you will find lots of inspiration there.

What do you think of my choices? Go on, share with me a recent gift you got your other half.

Sabrina x

This is a collaborative post. As always, these are my honest thoughts and opinions.


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