Summer Holiday Videos AKA Vlogust | Week 1

I just wanted to pop a quick post on here to share some little videos I’ve been pulling together. Basically, I want to film a little bit of each day of the summer holidays, and it turns out there’s this thing called ‘Vlogust’ where people are vlogging everyday in August. Admittedly mine are not traditional vlogs where you talk to the camera – mine are more like home movies. I’m not doing it for the views or anything, I’m doing it so that Tyler has something to look back on, and you get so much more from a video than a photo. They are really fun to pull together, and I LOVE playing with my new Canon G7X Mark 2, it is AMAZING! People who grew up with me know that I was always behind my dad’s camcorder as a teenager, in fact my career goal was to be a WWE cameraman (hah!) So doing these movies actually makes me feel like teenage Sab again!


Day 1 – Birthday Party at Activus Soft Play: 

Day 2 – Raint Day: 

Day 3 – Brighton Seaside Daytrip: 

Day 4 – Nandos: 

Day 5 – Miniature Railway & Despicable Me 3 at the cinema: 

Day 6 – Lidl Meltdown and Herschel Park: 


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