12 Months of Lily

You know how I would take a photo of Lily every month in her monthly bodysuit – well I just had to put them into one photo. It’s quite amazing looking at them, seeing her grow from month 1 to 12. From having her legs curled up to them slowing stretching out, the kicking and the turning to finally refusing to lie down at all at 12 months!

12 months of Lily

12 months of being a baby, 12 months of learning about the world and what she can do, figuring out what these hands were, learning to grab things, learning to turn, to clap, to sit, to crawl, to stand and then working out how to take those first steps and walk just before she turned 12 months. Though she always knew how to smile from Day 1. And possibly eat too – she is THE expert 😛

I can see why she seemed angry a lot of the time, it was sheer frustration for her. It’s almost a relief she can do all these things now, and be the mini adventurer that climbs, walks, jumps, scoots and dances… and that’s at 13 months – she thinks she’s all grown up already!!


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