The Psychology of Colour

As you may have guessed from photos of my home, I am a BIG fan of colour. How you can totally change the feel of a room by bringing colour in, or by changing the colour of furniture to give it a new lease of life. I’ve been doing makeovers since I was a teenager, with my first makeover being my bedroom at my parents’ house when I was 16, straight after my GCSEs. I ripped off that floral wallpaper, got some blue paint from Woolies and slapped it on. In hindsight, this was the wrong decision as the room had a really cold feel to it with this shade.

Nowadays I like to keep my walls white and add pops of colour through furniture, wall decorations, or by having one wall of colour. From my teenage error, I can tell you the shade of colour you choose for your room can affect your mood. Which is why I am so happy to share with you some great findings from Thomas Sanderson, who have written a guide on the psychology of colour and the best colours to use for each room:


Interesting isn’t it?! Me personally, I am a huge fan of yellow – I have a pop of really bright sunshine-y yellow along my kitchen wall and it certainly cheers the area up.

Which colour do you like most in your home?

Sabrina x

This is a collaborative post.



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