The Siblings Project | August 2017

This month has been a real turning point for the two siblings, in that I can see that they have become real companions for each other. The summer holidays has brought them even closer, spending more time doing activities together, as well as falling asleep together. They had one night apart and they missed each other soooo much. Don’t get me wrong, they do fight. A lot. But they just can’t live without each other.

Playing together at Lego Duplo in the library:


Fun at home together:


Daytime naps together:


Seaside fun together at Brighton: 


Chilling on the sofa together:


Hanging around at Herschel Park together:


Discovering new parks together (Holland Park):


And Tyler has a new train companion, who likes to sit right by her brother: 


Isn’t it enough to make your heart melt?!!? I know people usually feel sad their baby is growing up too quick, but for me, I just love toddler Lily – the little companion that Tyler has been waiting for.

Sabrina x


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