The Siblings Project | August 2018

I’m a week late writing our siblings project post as we were on holiday last week, but I felt I had to pull this one together – how could I not?! This is the month of summer holiday adventures for this duo, and looking back on these photos, it just got me thinking WOW! What an incredible summer it has been. These two have done so much together. They’ve been each other’s best friend yet they fight and squabble too. Lily has wanted to match Tyler at every opportunity that she could. And Tyler is always trying to hug Lily, but he usually gets a big shove back! They have seemed to have gotten louder this holiday – the husband and I have permanent headaches. But I love the two of them together, they are so cute, I alway take a million photos of them…

Playing at the Legoland beach as soon as school broke up


Many cafe lunch dates – this one at the Tesco Cafe


Many London Underground adventures, including getting the tram


The Northern Line adventure with a Caffe Nero break (Lily’s fave place to hang out)


Heritage bus rides at Epping


Steam train watching at the Epping to Ongar railway


Lego at the local library


Dancing around to Trolls at the outdoor cinema.


Miniature Railway fun


Holding hands on holiday


And getting soaked together.


These photos go up to the 14th August, as anything after will go in the September post. And September, well, I’m not going to lie, you can stay far back! I want August to go on forever – wah!!

Sabrina x

PS Check out last August’s post from 2017 and see how much they have grown!


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