8 Reasons Why I’m Glad My Child Is Back At School

My boy is starting Year 1 this week, and though I am sad the summer holidays are over, I am a bit relieved that he is going back to school. Here are 8 reasons why:


1) I can get a rest.

The summer holidays have been brilliant, I have really enjoyed all the time we have spent together – the fun days, the lazy mornings and the late nights – but I am EXHAUSTED! It is hard work keeping both kids entertained, so I am looking forward to the school keeping Tyler occupied while I can have a few hours to concentrate on just Lily.

2) Getting the routine back.

I’m not going to pretend I like getting ready early, that’s one of the things I have loved about the holidays – NOT doing the school run. But now at least we’ll be up early and have more of the day to get things done like we used to. And I can get my evenings back as we’ll have a bedtime routine again… hopefully!

3) I can start eBaying again.

I had a regular routine of photographing things to sell on Tuesdays and then putting them on eBay on Tuesday night, and then packing sold items to the post office the following weeks. Over the holidays this went on hold as we were always out and about. Now I have a huge pile of pre-loved clothes and baby things to sell, so it’ll be nice to get on with that and get a bit more space in our home. Decluttering NEVER ends!

4) I will start cooking again.

Over the holidays we were never really at home much for me to cook, or I’d be shattered after a day out with the kids, so I relied on my husband to quickly grab things from Tesco. I am looking forward to actually having the time and energy to cook proper meals again.

5) Taking Lily to playgroups.

Lily has really grown up during the holidays and is a real toddler now, so I’m looking forward to taking her to her playgroups again while Tyler is at school, and having mummy and daughter time.

6) Shopping in peace.

Related to point 5, Lily used to fall asleep after playgroup, which is when I would mooch around the shops and do some window-shopping. I am REALLY looking forward to this without dragging a moaning Tyler behind me!

7) Seeing Tyler with his friends.

I am looking forward to Tyler being reunited with his friends, they are always so excited to see each other, which brings a smile to my face.

8) Hearing about what he has learnt.

I have missed hearing about what Tyler has learnt at school. I am still amazed at how much the kids learnt in Reception, and Tyler kept on reading whenever he could during the holidays – mostly signs at train stations! So I am looking forward to what he will learn in Year 1.

What are you looking forward to most while your kids are at school?

Sabrina x


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