Taking Part in a Love Story | #Blogtober17 Day 12

Love, love, love, makes the world go round, right?? Earlier this year, not only were we honoured to witness two people in love tie the knot, but my beautiful boy had the honour of carrying the wedding rings over. And boy did he take this task seriously, it was for his most favourite uncle in the world. He walked to the front with no fear.


He looked so proud to do something so important for his uncle and his new aunty.


And I couldn’t be more proud of my boy, looking so dapper and grown up in his suit.


Of course we can’t forget the little one who did her part too – the amount of ‘Aws’ she got!


It’s hard to believe she had only just learnt to walk a week before this day. Her proud brother helping her walk, with grandad looking on.


It was such a beautiful July day. Sunshine and blue skies. So perfect to celebrate this love story.


If I could relive this day I would, it was just magical. What I remember most from the day was happy chatter and smiles all around, children laughing, dancing and happiness. Love really does make the world go round.


Thank you to my bro and sis-in-law for letting me share these beautiful pics 🙂 And may you have many, many years of love and happiness.

Sabrina x



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