The Siblings Project | November 2017

It’s that time of the month where I put up a million pictures of Tyler and Lily – siblings project time 😀 I seriously can’t stop taking photos of them, they are so cute, especially with Lily mimicking EVERYTHING that Tyler does, it’s like she wants to BE him. Now if that isn’t adoration, I don’t know what is. She is now 16 months and Tyler is 5 and a half. We had a few outings over the past month with it being half term. Tyler loves having his little sister tag along on our outings, like he is showing her the world.


I don’t think she was best pleased with him pushing the buggy, hehe.


We made our own little ‘Starbucks’ at home, they love sitting together drinking milk and watching movies. That’s what inspired me to buy little kiddies chairs from Ikea – I’ll share pics of their new seating area next month.


This photo cracks me up, Lily just being a drama queen when we were chilling out in Reading. Don’t worry, she wasn’t upset for long.


It was a crazy, sunny Friday, so hot for October, that I enjoying sitting in the sun while they ran around.


And now school is back on, they both love posing at the wall underneath our apartment.


The other week we went to the local fireworks display – it made a change being out at night, quite exciting for these two. And for me too!


Now we have Christmas coming up, expect lots of Christmas-sy sibling photos next month – I can’t wait to decorate!

Sabrina x

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