Mothercare Spring/Summer 2018 Preview

Today I am sharing with you a sneak peak of what is to come to Mothercare next year, as I had a look at the SS18 preview in London this week. Think bright and colourful from Little Bird, including new bedding. Stylish monochrome from MyK by Myleene and the coolest nursery bedding that I’m sure all bloggers will love. Plus a new range of pyjamas to match the ‘That’s not my…’ Usborne books. There was a lot on show, so I have chosen my favourite items to share with you.

Little Bird by Jools

I’ll start off with this as it is my favourite range – I love how Little Bird is unisex, so I can match Tyler and Lily. So I am always excited to see what the newest T-shirt design will be, and I can reveal for SS18, this is it:


I LOVE the little town detailing, isn’t it the cutest?!

There’s also the coolest duvet set ever with windmills and rainbows, I just wish they did it in double, as Tyler has a double bed. Damn!


The sleepwear looks cool too.


That’s not my… sleepwear

This is exciting, you know those ‘That’s not my…’ Usborne books, well Mothercare are doing a sleepwear range to go with them! Also, did you know there are 52 books in the range??


MyK by Myleene

Now on to monochrome heaven, and the nursery bedding that is so instagram friendly – have a look at this:


Imagine all the photos! 😉 The clothing is monochrome also, with some dusky pink items, and I am loving the cute little bunny prints.


Little Senses by ELC

I have to include the toys as the toddlers were in heaven, it was like they were in playgroup! They were all fighting over this walker, so I’d say this is a winner for ELC.


These toys are a bit different from what I’ve seen before. Chunky and sturdy. Bright colours yet not gaudy. They look stylish, they light up, and there are different textures to the little balls that go with the toys which is what caught the toddlers’ attention, that you could stick these balls in different holes and tubes and swings and whatnot.


City Sailor

From the actual Mothercare range, I was instantly drawn to the nautical line – you know I love the seaside. I literally loved everything in this range, I could see Lily wearing all of these dresses!


It was such a fun outing taking Lily into London with her Instagram buddy from Little Me and Little Me – we got the train and rode a red London bus, a proper little adventure. They had so much fun exploring, after the initial fight over the walker (lol!)


Lily had a sparkly babyccino, while us mummies had some delicious WaffleLollies waffles on a sticks, before being interviewed by the glam Olivia Wayne – she is so beautiful!


A lovely change from the norm of playgroups and I made it back in time to pick up Tyler from school – I was actually early for a change!

Do you see anything you like from the new range? Are you a colours fan or a monochrome fan?

Sabrina x





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