The Jelly Lounge | New Stylish Soft Play in Windsor

Have you ever heard anyone describe a soft play as beautiful before?? Well that is exactly how I would describe the Jelly Lounge in Windsor – beautiful! The decor is so stylish, that this post may well be an interiors one with the amount of photos I’m sharing with you! The Jelly Lounge opened a couple of months ago in Central Windsor (just behind the main shopping street, around the corner from Caffe Nero). The owners wanted a space that was as much for the parents as well as the children, somewhere that is pleasant on the eyes. They have play assistants within the soft play area so there are extra eyes on the children, just that extra reassurance for you.


There are two areas – a large enclosed soft play area with seating and tables, and an enclosed baby lounge for pre-walkers – so you can come with your baby and not fear them getting trampled on. First I’ll share photos of the soft play which is for toddlers upwards. The first part is a beautiful crochet style tree with tyre swings and hammocks. It’s just so pretty and unique, I’ve never seen anything like it.


There are slides and tunnels to climb through, space hoppers, and all in light colours of yellow, turquoise, black and white – making such a difference as I find soft plays are usually quite dark. This makes such a nice change.


You can see the seating to the right of this photo, where you can sit down and still watch your child playing through the net.


At the back of soft play is a little train table if the kids want a break from it – this is Lily’s cutie friend Chloe by the way, Lily was having a nap at this point.


At the front of the Jelly Lounge is the Baby Lounge, which is enclosed and has a baby safety gate separating it from the cafe. The lounge is full of stylish baby toys, a train table with wooden trains and a huge fish tank. I love the monochrome theme, and the flooring is gorgeous.


The cafe is just opposite the baby lounge, and you basically choose a table number before you make your order, as they bring your food/drinks to you. There are so many drinks to choose from, lattes, decafs, matcha tea, babycinos, slow juices, smoothies, you can order paninis and there’s baby food available too. There is actually a dining area at the front of the Jelly Lounge with a proper lunch menu too.


I had a chai latte and my friend had a normal latte and they came in these cute glasses on saucers. We sat back in the soft play area on the comfy yellow lounges.


At the back of the Jelly Lounge are three rooms with huge yellow doors – these are where they hold cooking, arts, music and story workshops for little ones aged 2+. They were setting up for a cooking workshop when I visited and it was so cute!


It was set up for 4 little ones and they were going to make mini quiches, for which the recipe was written on a chalkboard here – you can try it at home if you like!


I LOVE the doors!


And lastly I have to mention the babychange – the most beautiful baby change I’ve ever seen! The coloured hanging toys above the mat, the geometric mirrors and they have Molten Brown soap and hand cream – talk about luxury!


I totally recommend a visit to the Jelly Lounge, it really is somewhere for young children and adults. The location is ideal, so central so you can combine it with a shopping trip – which is what my friend and I did 🙂 It’s easy to get to Windsor from Slough, it’s literally a 6 minute train journey that costs only £2.80 return.


The prices are:
Soft Play (90 minutes): £6 (£10 on weekends/school holidays)
Baby Lounge (non-walkers) : £5 (including a free drink for parent)

Workshops (see timetable and book online or call 01753 290175):
£7 – Mini Popstars/ Messy Play/  Story Explorer/ Music & Movement / Magical Dancers / Music with Mummy / Jolly Babies / Performing Arts workshops
£10 – Mini Chef Workshop + 30 mins in soft play during cooking time
£10 – Mini Matisse-ers Art Workshop + 30 mins soft play for drying time
£12 – Workshop+ 60 mins soft play
£13 – Workshop + 90 mins soft play

The Jelly Lounge is located at 29-33 William Street, Windsor SL4 1BB.

I’ll definitely be bringing Lily back, and I’m sure she’ll love the workshops when she is 2. I hope you found this post useful and do let us know if you have visited and what you thought.

Sabrina x


Disclosure: I was given entry free of charge for the purpose of the post – as always these are my honest words and opinions


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