A Little Train Adventure | Hello Jessops Didcot

A few weeks ago, it was February half term, and we were squeezing in as many train adventures as possible in a week – that is the one thing about being at school, there is a tiny window to have train trips, and believe me, Tyler has a huge list of train trips to get through. Anyway, on that sunny Friday in half term, we were invited by Jessops to check out their new store that opened that day, and I thought, hey, we can have a train adventure AND a day out in Didcot. Why not!


That morning, we were really happy to catch one of the new GWR electric trains to Didcot from Slough. It was a real surprise as I didn’t realise they went that far, thinking they stopped at Reading. But Tyler was like, “See Mummy!” Yes, silly mummy! I do love the new trains, they are so clean and new, with so many carriages that you’re bound to get one all to yourself. Well, in off-peak time anyway.

Out of the station, which has lifts (good for a pushchair), we turned left and walked about 5/10 minutes to the little shopping area, went inside Sainsbury’s and found the cutesy new little Jessops store by the tills. It was all set up to show all the new stuff they offer – they don’t just sell cameras. The kids made me nervous as they decided it was a little playground, hiding under tables, eating all the nibbles and squealing with laughter. It’s safe to say they approved of Jessops, though I was like “please don’t break anything!!”


While I was there, I was shown the new range, they offer products you can personalise with photos, not just the usual photo books and mugs, but you can make bags and blankets too.


They have a stylish range of photo albums and frames that are perfect for Instagram photos, which you can print instore too. They also do wall art, huge canvases, acrylics, as well as photo calendars. Some things you can print in store, the bigger items you have to order.


But the idea is that if you are looking for a last-minute gift, you can make a personalised photo gift instore on the day. Here’s Lily looking at a little photo book – so cute!


And I just fell in love with this Instax camera, just gorgeous.


I got some photos printed and Jessops kindly gave us a canvas print – I had chosen a photo of Tyler with a newborn Lily. didcot-jessops-sainsburys-5

We lunched in the Sainsbury’s cafe – kids meals are only £3 so I got chicken nuggets, chips, peas and a drink for each of them. We got the perfect seat by the window, so Tyler could see all the trains go by – and there were a LOT.


Lily fell asleep afterwards, and Tyler randomly wanted to go inside Currys PC World, like he begged me to go upstairs! He is a funny boy. We had nothing better to do, and he had the best time looking at washing machines, even I had fun pretending I needed one. My goodness there is a lot of choice these days!



The shopping area in Didcot is tiny. From memory, there’s a Next, Argos, Poundland, Boswells cafe – actually I can’t remember what else. We got some snacks from Poundland and then walked back past the cutie railway houses to the train station.


The day was short, I think we were back home by about 2pm. so it’s was a mini day out. Just right for two little kids.


These are some of the photos I printed in store at Jessops, and an Instax photo they took of my two little posers. The photos printed out really nicely, very crisp, and I chose the white border.


And here is the canvas they printed, taking pride of place in the kids’ bedroom. It brings a tear to my eye looking at it, bringing back that moment of love every time I look at it. I really should print more photos out, they shouldn’t just sit on our laptops, right?!


Have I inspired you to print your photos out? Or are you more organised than me and print them out regularly anyway? I know I need to do it more often!

Sabrina x

Please note I have NOT been paid to write this. Jessops kindly gave me a canvas as a thank you for visiting the new store.


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