The Siblings Project – May 2018

This past month, Tyler is still ‘Dot’ to Lily. It’s been a big month for the two of them as it was the first time they stayed over at Nana’s for 3 nights without their mummy and daddy!


While we had a weekend away in New York for my husband’s 40th birthday, these two had an adventure of their own. I was worried they would cry but they actually had such a good time with their Aunty, Nana and Grandpa, that they weren’t bothered when we came back!


As long as they are together, they are happy. Lily dotes on her brother, she thinks he is the bees knees. And Tyler just thinks Lily is adorable and loves showing her off to his friends at the playground after school.


The other big thing this month has been Tyler’s 6th birthday, which Lily has enjoyed celebrating with him. Though it looks like she is looking at his presents longingly in this photo, she hasn’t got upset that he has all these new toys. She was most excited for the number 6 helium balloon.


Yep we pulled along this balloon on her pushchair to school when we picked up Tyler on his birthday. She found it most exciting, and he was sooooo happy.


We had an evening out on his birthday (I know, on a school night!), and they were really happy, it really was like a special treat – dinner at Pizza Express and then a walk along the river.


Summer days are just lovely and I really enjoy seeing these two explore places together.

PS have a look at May last year – they have really grown!

Sabrina x


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