What’s happening in Windsor for the Royal Wedding?

Almost every week I take Lily on a train trip to Windsor (it’s only £2.80 return for a 6-minute journey from Slough) and this week there was union jack bunting all over the place. Why? For the royal wedding of course! It is THIS Saturday that Prince Harry will marry Megan Markle (or Rachel from Suits as I will always think of her).


It was Tuesday when we visited and the atmosphere on Peascod Street was buzzing, you could feel the excitement in the air. There were camera crews already, people wearing union jack hats, and people had started camping. All the shop windows said ‘Congratulations’ and there were wedding promotions, union jack products, royal wedding souvenirs. There were policemen walking up and down, but looking jolly. The town has literally been repainted – the train station railings, shops, phone boxes.


That’s what we noticed for royal wedding preparations, it almost makes me want to buy a union jack flag. But I didn’t, I look Lily to the playground behind the High Street, where I blew bubbles from the Peppa bubble wand that Lily made me buy from The Works.


Windsor is pretty all the time anyway, so even without the royal wedding, it is a lovely place to take children. This playground is in the best location – there’s an alleyway next to Paperchase that leads to the library, and in front of the library is Batchelor’s Acre playground. It is so pretty, with fountains, benches and a cafe, as well as the enclosed playground.

This is the library. It is small, but a really cute building. Lily actually set up this photo, she sat down there and waited for me to take a photo, without me asking!


Around the playground are lots of pretty houses and flowers that you just want to take photos of. I almost want to start another Instagram account for just pretty houses in Berkshire. Maybe.


Anyway, that is what is happening in Windsor for the royal wedding. Nothing much is happening in Slough apart from a bit a repainting of the train station. I’ll be looking out of the window on Saturday – it’s going to be quite exciting seeing the crowds come through Slough to get to Windsor. And of course I’ll be watching the TV too.

What are you doing for the Royal Wedding? Are you coming to Windsor? Are you watching at home? Are you having a party? Do share your plans!

Sabrina x

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