Me and Mine | May 2018

May has been a fantastic month for us – a big month for Tyler turning 6, G’s first month of being 40, our first holiday away without the kids to New York and the kids first time without us for 3 nights. Lots of big things happened! So here are the things we loved this month:

Me and Mine May 2018 New York

New York
Tyler’s birthday
– The happiness around the royal wedding
– Countdown to the World Cup
– My Lily alarm: “dada… DADA!!!!”
– And Tyler talking about when he was 5
– Designated Survivor on Netflix
– Being 40 this month “I’m 40 now!”
– Crossrail!!

– Same as G – New York (aaahhhh!!!!), Tyler’s birthday and the royal wedding
– Binge watching the latest series of America’s Next Top Model in one week
– Shopping in New York and enjoying our purchases back home – my New York travel bag, American chocolates and Lily’s cutie tutu outfits
– Sunny days, discovering the allotments and being inspired to start my Instagram hashtags #sloughitsnotsobad and #myprettytown, and taking pics for the new account
– Everything Lily says – I feel this deserves its own post, all the things she can do before she turns 2! My favourite is her dancing with sunglasses to the Trolls soundtrack and singing the words she knows, including ‘discouraged’ from True Colours!
– Finally going on an Elizabeth line train!

– His birthday – walking home from school with a giant number 6 balloon, going to Windsor in the evening and celebrating with his best friends at Jump In
– Watching Paddington 24/7 and the Intercity 125 shows on TV. And of course Geoff Marshall on YouTube, and this little Scottish boy who videos himself playing train games. Tyler finds him hilarious.
– Being 6 and being old enough to drive a car at Legoland
– Reminiscing on being 5
– Saying “That’s silly!”
– Seeing Sherlock Gnomes at the cinema
– Going on the Elizabeth line train!!

– Nana! She has got super attached to her nana after the kids fun adventure there while the parents were in New York. It’s all Nana Nana Nana now.
– Toys videos on YouTube, especially that Jesus lady ‘Growing Little Ones’ – she does have a hypnotic voice!
– Saying “Here you go mummy!” and putting the TV remote in my hand
– Singing and dancing to Trolls, and saying the words
– Her Poppy doll, Branch doll and her Poppy necklace, brushing their hair
– Trains! Either she is copying Tyler or she genuinely likes them as she cries to go on the train when Tyler is at school. So she has loved train trips to Windsor this month.
– Cashew nuts – she wakes up asking for them in the morning
– Wearing George or Peppa socks – nothing else will do
– All the fun activities with Tyler, she adores him.

I am sad this month is over, I wish I could relive it. That is why I take so many photos and video everything, I want to relive moments over and over. Oh well, on to June and the month my baby girl turns 2. I’m trying to relish every single moment that she is still one years old until the 27th – wah!

How was your May? Hope you made some lovely memories too.

Sabrina x


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