The Siblings Project | July 2018

This is the first siblings post where Tyler has a 2-year-old sister! Lily always was chatting before she was 2, and since she turned 2 the babbling has got even louder and more conversational – sentences actually make sense. Which means I am always hearing Tyler and Lily chatting to each other, from as soon as they wake in the morning to very late at night and it’s soooo cute! Though it does give me a headache as they are LOUD. Tyler is still ‘Tata!’ and she follows him around like a shadow, and is very caring. And bossy. “Tata, be careful!’ “Tata wait!” “Tata come on!”


And Tyler likes having this little friend to play with.
T:”Come on Lily, let’s dance!”
L:”Oh yes!”


This month has mostly been about Lily birthday celebrations, with Pizza Express twice in a week, and their very own bouncy castle for a day in Nana’s garden. This was the best gift we could have given them, the excitement when they saw it. They bounced in their pjs from the moment they woke, rested in the day and then carried on bouncing in the afternoon. They were so sad when it left, that we’ve promised to hire another one in the summer holidays just for fun.


It has been so hot the past month because of the heatwave, that every weekend we have been spending summer evenings in their Nana and Grandpa’s garden.


Late bedtimes don’t matter at this time of year.


We have one more week of school and then a lot of summer adventures to come for these two.

Sabrina x


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